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 Main Rules of the Forum

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PostSubject: Main Rules of the Forum   Mon Jan 19, 2009 2:08 pm


No swearing, please. It just ruins the rp.

Please try and stay on topic. Thats why we have the Genral Other Topic Discussion. Like for instance, if you started rping as a parrot or a wolf that talked. This a vampire/human/werewolf RPG.

Don't double post. Moderators and Admins will be watching for this. If someone doesn't reply to something then pm them. If they don't pm you back then pm me. If they havn't been on for over three weeks then see the next rule. There are some exceptions to double posting. Moderators and Admins will know what they are.

If you havn't been on for 3 weeks than you will get a typed pm from me and you will have one week to reply. If you do not reply back, and give me a decent explanation for why you've been off for so long then your character will be put into the Adopt- a-Character. That user will be banned. I'm sorry if you think that cruel, but in my opinion lazy rpers can be the death of a good rp site.

No useless posting like for example:


tongue etc.

Please no posting from other rp sites. Like if you had something going on on another rp site it doesn't apply here. We want orginal roleplaying

And ,concerning sex, please keep it PG-13. No elaborate descriptions.

I hope that you will follow these rules. Now, lets rp!
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Main Rules of the Forum
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