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 Brad R. Grett (is back! 8D)

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PostSubject: Brad R. Grett (is back! 8D)   Mon Jan 26, 2009 5:15 pm

Name: Brad R. (Robert) Grett

Gender: Male

Appearence Age: 18

True Age: 200 years presently

Description: He's tall and a bit muscular. He's in shape and usually wears casual clothes.

Vegitarian or Human Drinker: Vegitarian

History: (The history is when he was twenty on another site... I don't feel like editing, so bear with me here. You get the idea, anyway. Also, scratch the London, England thing. Another thing from that site.) In the year 1808, Brad Robert Grett was born just outside of London, England. He lived a normal child hood; grew up in a semi-rich household with one little sister and two parents, shared a room with said sister, and the likes. When Brad was 18 he graduated Highschool and went to college. In college, life was rough, but what college is easy? He struggled with many subjects, but managed to pull through one year at least.

It was after his 20th birthday, two months after it, that everything began to change. One of his friends was throwing a huge birthday party for their little brother. It was the brother's sweet 16, so they had to make it big. The party was in a small town outside of London, just a few hours away. Brad had been invited, along with a few of his other friends, so they all decided to go together. On his way to meet his friends at their "get-together" spot, he met her. It was nighttime, not quite a full moon. He was taking a shortcut through one of the less busier streets, when this woman, beautiful, pale-skined woman strolled by. She smiled and waved at him. He politely smiled back, and quickened his pace.

The woman followed. No cars were in sight on the road; darkness stretched out along side them. Brad finally spun around to face the stranger. "What do you want?" he asked. "Darling," she answered, licking her lips. "I want you." She dashed forward, so fast that he couldn't tell where she went, and the next thing he knew, she had her lips to his throat, and a sharp pain originated there. He attempted to push her away, but she didn't even budge. Abruptly, she stopped whatever she was doing, and dropped him, crimson liquid glistening on her perfect lips. She giggled and left him there. Brad blinked his eyes weakly, feeling exhausted and drained, and blacked out where he lay.

Brad blinked his eyes open; it was still nighttime. He moaned and tried to pull himself up, but failed. He rested a moment, then heaved himself onto his belly and began crawling for the nearest tree. A shadow cascaded over him and he looked up, frustrated that something had gotten into his way. It took a while for his eyes to focus, but the shadow turned out to be a man. The man held out his hand, not uttering a sound, and Brad reached up to grab it; glad for any help. The man grabbed Brad's hand and pulled him to his feet. There, he "tucked" Brad under his arm and took off, faster than any human could go. Fire began burning through Brad's body. He thrashed wildly in the man's arms but was not able to free himself.

The man took him to his house. There, the man laid Brad on the couch. Brad thrashed again; agonizing pain coursing through his veins. "Kill me," he begged, wanting nothing but relief from this pain. "Please." the man didn't speak, only sat beside the couch and watched Brad suffer.

Time passed; Brad wasn't sure if it was a few days or a few weeks, but finally the pain ebbed. He opened his eyes and gasped. I'm alive? he thought. Surely he would have not survived through that agony? "Ah, your awake," a voice called from somewhere in the room. Brad turned and saw the man from before. "You look better," the old man commented, standing up and walking to Brad's side. "What happened?" Brad asked. "Your a vampire," the old man answered simply. "So am I." Brad opened his mouth to argue, but was interrupted once more by the old man. "Your lucky I've found you; you would've been in trouble if I hadn't." Brad shook his head. "Who are you?" he asked, pulling himself into a sitting position. "I'm George Harrison," he asnwered, and held out his hand. "Brad," he replied, shaking the old man's hand.

And so, Brad was a vampire. George and Brad parted ways after a while. Brad was reported dead, and visits his own grave once in a while.

Personality: Brad is like a big brother to most of his friends. He's slightly protective, as a big brother to his little sister of sorts. He's laid-back, but he think of himself as very strong. He's a true teenager, loving to get into wrestling matches with friends to see who can come out on top. He's goofy at times, but he has a serious side. Though he doesn't like to use it, he can be very serious when the time comes. He doesn't like to see people sad; alwasy trying to make a joke out of something to cheer them up.

Strengths: Strength

Weaknesess: Running fast. He's not the fastest vampire there is.

Ability: Mind reader

Bonded Partner: None yet

Coven: None yet

Picture: http://www.improveme.se/Community/Bloggbilder/2009-04-10_23:25:34_vicnr15.jpg

His car:

Other: -

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PostSubject: Re: Brad R. Grett (is back! 8D)   Mon Jan 26, 2009 9:20 pm

Approved! HES BACK lol
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Brad R. Grett (is back! 8D)
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