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 Vladimir and Raven

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PostSubject: Vladimir and Raven   Tue Sep 29, 2009 2:35 am

Name Raven Wilt (Real last name: Rathenot)

Gender Female

Eyes Bright Green appear to glow when she is wearing black eye liner

Hair Black

Skin Pale tan

Age 16

Personality Likes to be alone with her vampire lover, but tends to hate the idea she has to go to school while he doesn’t. Being a runaway, Raven doesn’t like talking about her family. Loves wearing black clothing cause she has always felt like being in the shadows. Eyes full of love and kindness, but has a bit of a temper and loves cemeteries since her grandmother always told her that they were the safest place to be at times.

When Raven was a little girl at the age of six, she and her family were attacked by vampires. But then it was a vampire that saved them; though she is the only one that knew it. Cause the oriental vampire with kindness had shoed the ones that attacked them away. Thus giving Raven her dream of one day becoming a vampire. The vampire girl though stayed in town, after learning of their secret. (Won’t tell who it is yet.) She would watch the woman sitting outside or inside once in a while; then one day the girl was gone and so were the vampires that attacked her family. Though Raven wasn’t considered normal she didn’t think of herself in that way either, cause she could sense a happy thought into a persons mind and sort of twist it in words to make it almost like a nightmare. After a few years her family became worried when their daughter began talking about vampires as though they were real. She got put in a nut house till she was thirteen only able to return home after six years of being in an asylum. Though after returning home, she met a vampire named Vladimir Kisslinger; a Romanian vampire whom a woman that knew what happened to Raven sent. Soon the two fell in love; but at the age of sixteen her family wanted to put her in an asylum again cause she began talking about vampires being real again. Vladimir couldn’t have his princess being sad so they ran away together to a small town; living in a small ranch house. But not minding since they were together. Though Raven wants to be a vampire, she agreed to wait till she was twenty before she changed since that is what he wanted. To at least match a little of his human age. Raven still dresses in black, but uses a different last name. Though Raven’s family didn’t approve, her grandmother is the only one that did and kept it a secret. But made Raven promise to write her from false locations.

-Black clothing

-White clothing (But will wear it for Vladimir)
-Seeing Vladimir or friends get hurt
-Being called Crazy, loony, retarded, Ravi




Name Vladimir Kisslinger

Gender Male

Appearence Age 22

True Age 240

Description Tall with dark hair. Honey eyes as that only have sight for Raven. Black hair longish that is sometimes pulled back into a small ponytail. A strong figure, but doesn’t show it off as his appearance makes him look gentle and harmless. A silver knife in his pocket.

Vegitarian or Human Drinker Vegitarian

Vladimir doesn’t remembering much of his past of when he was human. But he was a soldier for a Romanian vampire that wanted to rule the world of the vampire race. At a young age, the vampire he served after being kidnapped found that he had an ability that didn’t manifest its self till after the Romanian vampire changed Vladimir. Then the new vampire could produce electricity from his body; his master was pleased and trained Vladimir for almost a two hundred years for fighting making him one of the most fierce fighters in the vampire realm but not strong in his abilities as they were used to torture people into giving information. But his whole time as a vampire Vladimir never ate human cause he killed on the battlefield; after two hundred years though a vampire family came to his master’s castle and spoke to him. Vladimir was amazed by the size of the woman’s clan but made quick friends anyway. She was like him, never eating humans. Telling the old vampire that he can do more with his life than just fighting and killing humans. Leaving his master, Vladimir went to a small town in Alabama where he began traveling. Only to return to the town called Cherry Town where an old friend that showed him some light, asked him to watch over a little girl named Raven. Well he found her once she returned from an asylum, taking her under his wing. Soon though he fell in love with Raven; protecting her as best he could. When her family was going to take her to an asylum again; he asked her grandmother Ingrid if he could take her somewhere safe with him. The grandmother allowed it only cause she wanted her grand daughter happy. So after that, he took Raven in his truck leaving moving into a small ranch house near PortsBurg far away from Cherry Town. It wasn’t much, but it was better and had a cemetery in the back yard. Though Vlad didn’t like being far away from Raven, he got her to go to school promising once she gets to twenty years of age, she could be turned into a vampire. working on the property during the day while training as well to pass the time while Raven is at school.
He has a cousin named Claude that is his descendant from his mother’s side of the family. He too is a vampire, but hates Vlad cause Vlad got to be his master’s personal body guard and top admiral. But when he left his brother did his best to take Vlad’s place. But failed and threatens to kill Vlad and everything he loves.

Personality Kind hearted and sweet to Raven, but cruel to others. From his life as a soldier, if he wants something he will get it or get the information though shock. Having problems with letting go of old ways, he is rather old fashion when it comes to friends and love. Never speaking about his former master, he never told Raven whom sent him to her. Though he knows she is glad for the person that did. Believes in hard work and Raven.

-Knows many ways of torture
-Many vampires fear him for all the executions that he did
-Knowledge of weapons
-Not scared of anything (Except losing Raven)

-Wolves (doesn’t like them)
-Certain humans that are cruel or rude to Raven
-People that insult him (Causes a fight)
-Hospitals and human fights (Blood)

Ability Electric current: Vladimir can cause people great pain by using the electricity that flows from his body. Using this as torture for people, or to kill them once he gets information. Also comes in handy with the power goes out.

Bonded Partner Raven Wilt

Coven None (Abandoned the Romanian Vampire Belvious)

Hair pulled back in reg outfit:

Hair down:



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PostSubject: Re: Vladimir and Raven   Tue Sep 29, 2009 8:03 pm

approved as far as i'm concerned. dunno if mp is back yet so... ya. lol

and so the lion fell in love with the lamb-Twilight <3


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PostSubject: Re: Vladimir and Raven   Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:10 am

if she doesn't like something about it, I'm willing to change it when she comes back. *bow* I bow to the might Rose and give her edward. rofl
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PostSubject: Re: Vladimir and Raven   

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Vladimir and Raven
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