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 Bridesmaid (Leah/Jacob)

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PostSubject: Bridesmaid (Leah/Jacob)   Fri Oct 09, 2009 9:02 pm

Since I'm such the sucker for Leah and Jacob, here's a story... Ah well.... I wrote this like in August, one of those ideas that I sat down and wrote for like 3 hours non-stop. Please read?

“Leah? Jacob would like me to ask you to be my bridesmaid. It would mean a lot to him, if you were in the wedding.” Renesmee spoke to Leah, her voice trilling like bells. Pride had found its way into her statement, which would have been called smugness by others. The vampire and human child smiled calmly at the werewolf, her sharp white teeth gleaming in the sunlight.
Leah knew why the girl, but not a girl anymore, was so proud, so calm. Renesmee had won, not that Leah had ever doubted she would, but it had been nice to hope. These past seven years of something close to happiness for Leah had gone by all too quickly. Being Jacob’s beta was a bond that the mutant spawn would never have with her fiancée, like Leah did. Each patrol, deep down, Leah could sense something in Jacob’s head, similar to what he felt for Renesmee, but directed at her. Still, the binding ropes of an imprint kept Jacob from ever fully realizing his feelings, even though they both knew they were there.
“Okay.” Leah finally said, and Renesmee clapped her hands in what everyone but Leah would have thought was delight. But the tanner women realized she was merely acting, and that she had not cared one way or another if Leah had agreed.
Renesmee’s smile grew wider, and now anyone could have picked up the obvious arrogant way she spoke, but no one was outside with the two, for the hybrid had requested a private moment.
“You can even wear your bridesmaid’s dress from Sam’s wedding. I don’t mind. What color was it again?” She asked, as if concerned that the color would clash with everyone else’s, but Leah knew she was just trying to get the sad memory she had tried so hard to bury to resurface in her mind.
“Black.” Leah answered, and just as Renesmee had hoped, remembering how beautiful Emily’s white dress had looked against the black dresses of the three girls beside her. How the bridesmaids had matched the groom in color, and also the best man, so that the only different fabric color out there was Emily. Leah remembered how the angle she was standing required her to look at Sam the entire time. The whole scene was an echo of Leah’s nonexistent happy ending, the one that involved the man she looked at during the ceremony.
Later, during the reception, after pictures where she did her best to fake a smile, Leah sat in the corner, refusing the very few dances she was offered, mostly from the pack members, probably begged by Sam to come ask in the first place. She watched the happy couple twirl in the center in time to the music, and turned away as the dancing began to be forgotten by them, and kissing took its place.
Pulling her legs up to her chest, in the corner dark enough that it didn’t matter she was only wearing a thong under the black dress, tears began to fall down her face, soft and quiet at first, but soon the aching hole in her chest burned even greater, and the small cries turned into loud sobs, forcing her to leave the joyful occasion, and flee outside.
She barely had enough will power to remove the dress before she had phased into the wolf form that would allow her to cope with the pain in a more bearable way. Running away from the building and into the forest that was conveniently nearby, her paws became blurs underneath her, and her heavy pants made it impossible to sob.
Suddenly the greater pain struck her once more, mocking her, showing her that there was no escape, and she howled. Sad, lonely, the expression of pain sounded, leaving her lying on the floor, where she phased back, so that no one would change forms to see what was wrong, only to hear her broken thoughts.
“Leah?” Someone called gently, making her wipe her eyes and turn to run, but they were too fast. Before her stood Jacob, his eyes not roaming her naked body like most guys would in the situation, but looking only at her face, concerned for her. “Here.” He said, handing her a shirt and shorts. “Thought you might want to change into something more comfortable.” She nodded her thanks, and he turned away while she put the clothes on.
“Why are you here?” She asked, her voice hoarse, her nose stuffy. He held up a finger, motioning for her to wait, and then pulled a bottle of Advil out of his pocket, and gave it to her. As she took two of the little pills, glad her headache would be gone soon, he answered.
“I don’t want to think about weddings. I left right after pictures.” He said, still wearing the tux of the best man. Leah nodded in agreement, and Jacob did not have to explain about how this reminded him of Bella’s wedding, coming up soon, because she already knew.
Abruptly, he stood up, pulling her up with him. She glanced at him, puzzled, but he simply lifted the older girl onto his feet and placed her arms around him, and they slowly began to dance. Softly, Jacob whispered, “Imagine I’m Sam.” But now Leah was only seeing Jacob, her heart beating for him.
Looking back, Leah realized that was the precise moment her love for Jacob started blooming, but she knew he had been thinking of Bella, which is why he had whispered her that advice for her benefit.
“Perfect.” Renesmee said, bringing Leah out of her recollections, realizing they were still talking about dress colors, and not her dance with Jacob, even though that too had been perfect.
“I’m going to go tell my fiancé the good news.” Renesmee said, putting emphasis on the word fiancé, knowing it would make Leah regret agreeing to the whole thing. Leah merely nodded, and the imprint left, fate yet again having handed the poor remaining girl the short end of the stick.

Exactly two weeks later, Leah sat in the Cullen’s house, up in the upstairs bathroom owned by Alice, wearing her black dress, which Leah told herself was for the funeral, even though she was in a wedding. The short pixie like vampire worked quickly on Leah’s short hair, straightening it to perfection that had never been reached before.
Then she began to apply mascara, but when the werewolf protested, Alice said faintly, “It’s waterproof,” And so Leah let her. Soon, she put Alice’s statement to the test, the tears forming in her eyes as she pictured Jacob in a room a couple doors down, wearing his tuxedo, probably all alone, looking in the mirror, making sure he looked good, which he always did. Blinking rapidly, begging with whichever god she believed in, she tried to hold back the hot tears, but with no success. They bubbled over, and true enough, Leah’s mascara did not run, but that was the least of her worries as her crying increased.
Alice looked sympathetically at the girl below her, and told her kindly that she had to go check on Renesmee, and that she’d be back in a few minutes. Leah nodded, pretending to believe her excuse to give her a few minutes alone, and as soon as the door shut, she wrapped her arms around her chest and sobbed.
“Leah?” A voice sounded, knocking on the door. “A few more minutes please, Alice.” Leah croaked out, but Esme opened the door instead. She was not shocked to see the unfortunate girl sobbing, and Leah noticed that behind her back she carried a box of tissues. Kneeling down next to her, Esme began to wipe away the tears, as a mother would her daughter, the compassion in the vampire showing more profoundly then ever, able to help even her blood enemies.
When the tears did not stop, Esme pulled Leah up out of the chair, and said “Come here, sweetheart.” Hugging her fiercely, Leah finally found some small comfort in the contact, even if it was from one of the bloodsuckers she had used to hate, but had learned to tolerate, even to respect in some cases.
Sweet Esme hugged Leah until her sobs stopped, which took several minutes, and even then murmured comforting words afterwards, as she finished up what Alice had started. Stroking Leah’s hair out of her face, and tenderly tucking it behind her ears, Esme said confidently, “It will all work out, Leah. You’ll find your love. And, you look gorgeous.” Leah nodded, believing for a second that it was true, and the vampire left the room, leaving Leah alone for a few minutes before she was needed.
Looking in the mirror, Leah traced her cheek, where Esme had applied the perfect amount of blush, and then her black hair. She leaned forward, looking closer at her eyes, which the eye shadow complimented perfectly. It was strange, because she actually saw that she was beautiful, instead of just ignoring what she was being told.
Suddenly, the door opened, without a knock this time, and Jacob came tumbling in. He grinned wildly at Leah, before her mind had even realized who was in front of her and sent the message to her face to light up and start smiling, an automatic reaction to Jacob, no matter what mood she had been in before.
“It’s crazy out there.” He said, sitting against the wall, leaning his head back, as Leah sat above him in the chair. “I need my beta to give me a touch of reality. Cuss me out, tell me what a bastard I am, so that I can hear something besides, “Oh, you look so handsome.” He said, sighing, closing his eyes.
Leah looked at him in disbelief, and the sharp words came out of her mouth before she could stop them. “Well, you’re getting married, what do you expect?” She snapped at him. Jacob opened one eye, and looked at her expectantly. She got off her chair, and sat down next to him. Involuntarily, she leaned her head against his shoulder, and his arm found its way around her.
“Sorry.” She said, offering no reason for her behavior, and he did not seek one. They sat there for a few moments, one of them wanting to be something more then friends, the other about to seal the deal that they never could be.
“Gee, that dress looks familiar.” Jacob said lightheartedly, looking at her outfit. The corners of Leah’s mouth curved upward ever so slightly, but she did not smile completely, as he had hoped.
“Jacob! I saw you go in there. Come on out, Mommy wants more pictures!” Renesmee’s voice sounded through the door, taking on a joking adoration Leah had never heard come from her mouth. Next to her, Jacob rolled his eyes, but stood up. He bent down to kiss her forehead quickly, and Leah longed to tilt her head upwards and surprise him with a kiss on the mouth, but she didn’t. Jacob left, closing the door behind her, allowing her time to shed a few more tears at how close they had been, before Alice called her out.
“When the music starts playing, just walk straight down the aisle, turn left, and stand there.” Alice whispered, even though Leah knew what to do, having done it before with her heart in a similar position. “And don’t forget to smile.” Alice added, before slipping into her seat in the front row, next to the entire Cullen family. Also seated on the bride’s side was Leah’s mom, Sue, who sat with her husband of a few years, Charlie, the proud grandfather of the bride.
On the opposite of them, the other pack and their imprints or dates were on the right side in the front row, also including Billy, who smiled at his son , and Jacob’s two sisters and their spouses, one of the husbands being Paul.
Leah picked up the swift movement of Alice lifting her hand slightly, pushing a button on a remote, and the music started playing. Leah smiled falsely, the only way she could manage right now, holding the bouquet of daisies she had been told to carry right below her chest, and walked down the aisle.
It seemed to take forever to get there, and she got plenty of time to take in her surroundings. Jacob stood under the arch that had been brought inside the house, flowers and vines running through it. He smiled slightly at Leah, and she nodded a little in response. Then, her gaze turned to Seth, who, trying to cheer her up, jokingly mouthed the words to her, “Don’t trip.” She rolled her eyes, and let her sight barely brush over Nahuel.
Like Leah, the other half breed Nahuel, was standing on the wrong side of who he was supporting. Over the years, he had become good friends with Renesmee, and Jacob had agreed to the bride’s pleading that he be in the wedding.
No one followed Leah, because much to the bridesmaid’s amusement, apparently Renesmee did not have that many friends outside of her family, which she was satisfied with completely.
As Leah took her place to the left of the arch, her heart screamed for her to do something, fix this, object, do something, but she knew she would only make a fool of herself. Then, the familiar “Here comes the bride” tune started, and everyone stood up, looking back at Renesmee, who Edward, her father, led to give up.
Renesmee was absolutely stunning. Bronze colored ringlets, the same color as the man’s next to her, cascaded down her shoulders, to the middle of her back in soft curls. Half of it was piled neatly on top of her head, which the veil sat in front of, being hooked in by a small diamond tiara. The dress was the one her mother had worn for her wedding, the vintage lace still in prime condition. Leah felt a pang of jealously, but prevented it from entering her mind, now using the old technique of blocking every emotion, so that she felt numb, to get her through the wedding.
Renesmee reached the arch, her dad placing her hand in Jacob’s outstretched one, and she turned to the groom. Carlisle stood behind them both, facing the congregation. He wasn’t a preacher, but was definitely admired like one. He began the ceremony, and announced what the congregation was here for. A bible scripture was said, and then the vows began.
Carlisle said the simple and traditional vows many had used, including the bride’s mother and father, keeping the same change they had made, instead of, “Till death do us part.” for “As long as we both shall live.” Which fit this couple as well as it had fit the previous one. When he had finished, a clear female voice saying, “I do.” Rang out in the church, and Renesmee smiled underneath the veil.
Carlisle repeated the vows for Jacob, and when it was his turn to answer, there was a pause. Jacob opened his mouth, but no sound came out. Everyone in the church did not dare to breathe, including Leah, but for a very different reason then them. However hard she tried to block it, hope filled her, as fear filled the congregation.
Carlisle repeated the last line patiently, and Renesmee looked up at Jacob. She mouthed the words, “I do.” Over and over to him, and as Jacob did not respond, her eyes narrowed down to glare at him.
After another few seconds that felt like an eternity, everyone in the room except the humans unmistakably heard Renesmee mumble quietly and angrily, “Don’t you dare back out on me now, Jacob Black. As an imprint, I need you to be my lover, and that’s what you’ll be.”
He shook his head ever so slightly, and Renesmee looked at him in shock as he mumbled the words “I’m sorry, I can’t do this.” She opened her mouth to protest, and the words came out just as quietly as the ones before, “I need you Jacob. That’s what an imprint is about.” He shook his head yet again, and Leah had to strain her ears to hear him speak again.
“You do need me, but only as a friend. Don’t you feel it? We’re not supposed to love each other like this. Deep down, Nessie, you know it.” He said, almost pleading her to realize.
She stood there several moments, before nodding. “I understand now, Jacob. I know now.” He voice didn’t sound as sad as Leah expected, and everyone caught the glance she gave Nahuel, who looked as damn hopeful as Leah felt.
Carlisle smiled at the two of them, as if he was saying “Finally.” Alice nodded, who had probably already seen that the honeymoon would be cancelled, and nobody in the congregation felt all that shocked, except for the humans, who were looking around confusedly.
“Here.” Renesmee said, handing her engagement ring back to Jacob. He shook his head, motioning for her to keep it, and said, “It can be an imprint ring.” She smiled, and slipped it back on her finger on the opposite hand it had been previously resting on. Lifting the veil away from her face and over her head, Jacob kissed her on the forehead.
Carlisle smiled at the congregation, who were all murmuring to the person next to him. “There is no more need for the wedding, but it seems an awful waste to let my daughter’s wonderful party planning not be used, so lets still have a reception.” Everyone mumbled agreement, and then soon filed outside, where food was laid out, along with tables, and a nice clear area in the grass for dancing. A stereo sat nearby, ready for the reception that would now just be a party.
About an hour later, Renesmee was still in her white dress, smiling, sitting in Nahuel’s lap, who was smiling even bigger than her. Several people came up to her, not sure whether to congratulate or offer apologies, but she took either or both graciously.
Alice clicked the remote again, and a slow song filled the air. Everyone looked around for a moment, and then realizing there was no bride and groom to start dancing first, got up at once, finding a partner.
An ending different then she anticipated, but still feeling heartbroken about Jacob, because he had not talked to her since their moment before his wedding, Leah sat down, knees curled to her chest, in the shade of a tree.
“Hey.” Jacob said, startling Leah, who had her eyes closed, so that hopefully no one would notice her crying. She looked up, and smiled weakly at him.
“Come on. It’s time everyone saw us dance at a wedding reception.” He said, referring to the time over seven years ago when they had danced together. “I’m not going to let you on my feet this time, so I hope you can dance.” She nodded, and he pulled her up into a standing position. They began to spin, somehow finding their way to the center of the dancers, where Renesmee and Nahuel danced as well.
Esme caught a glimpse at Leah, and smiled, an “I told you so.” Look on her face, before she turned back to Carlisle. Leah smiled at her gratefully, and turned back to Jacob as well. His eyes stayed gazing at hers as they danced to the song, and as they danced to another, and another.
Suddenly, in the middle of their seventh dance, Jacob pulled Leah into a dip and kissed her, showing the love he had finally realized her felt for her. She reacted passionately, and then the kiss slowed again, showing her love.
After a cough from Emmett a couple yards away, Jacob pulled Leah back up from the dip, and he hugged her. Whispering into her ear, just soft enough for her to hear, he promised, “Next time, you’re the bride.”

Precisely three years later, Leah fingered her white dress that lay in the closet. She had refused to get rid of it, because it was proof of her happy day, and her being the bride for a change.
Jacob came into their bedroom, stepping quietly behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, kissing her neck. “It was a perfect day.” He whispered, and she turned to kiss him on his lips in agreement. In record time they found themselves in the bed undressed.
No matter how much they had hoped, no miracle had been provided, so Leah and Jacob were still just the pair of them. Both were satisfied at the moment though, because they knew once they both got the strength and will to stop phasing, her chances of pregnancy would increase greatly.
Leah smiled contentedly, finally having gotten her happy ending, a person that loved her back as much as she loved him, going against the odds to get her.
The closet door lay open, the white dress hung in the middle for everyone to see. The black bridesmaid dress could not and would not ever be found, for Leah had watched it burn slowly that special night a three years ago.

Critism welcomed.... be nice though, please comment!!
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Bridesmaid (Leah/Jacob)
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