I am neither good, nor bad, neither angel nor devil, I am a man, I am a vampire. -Michael Romkey (I, Vampire)
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PostSubject: --:~: IAN :~:--   Sat Oct 24, 2009 7:32 pm

Name Ian

Gender male

Appearence Age15

True Age 50

Description Ian has fine silky hair that's long and hangs down kind of close to his eyes. It's a white blonde with a few dark brown strands in it. As a human, he had green eyes but now, since he's a vampire, he has dark brown because he eats both humans and animals. He's about 6 foot tall and muscular.

Vegitarian or Human Drinker both (either)


Ian was young when he first left home. His mother and father were not supportive and neither told him how to do things which left him to teach himself all the basics. He never had any brothers or sisters due to his parents poor spirits. He lived alone for some time: no money, no house, nothing but his backpack he had packed with some clothes in it. He would always sit with the homeless people, all of his buddies either very old or very young. He grew up on the streets, wandering about until he was fifteen. One night, someone entered the cast out neighborhood. She was very sleek and looked very promising to steal money from. He and his friends snuck up behind her and tried to get the money out of her coat pocket but she whirled around before they had outstretched their arm. In a matter of seconds, his friends lay on the ground, squirming in their own blood. Ian was the only one left.

"Pickpocketing will get you on the naughty list," she sniffed, inhaling his lucious scent. Ian said nothing, stepping back slowly to make a run for it. "Where are you heading so quick?" her cold breath whisked on his neck as he felt a hand slide across his stomach and she pulled him closer. He widened his eyes right before she pulled back his threadbare shirt and bit down. The sensation was like nothing he had ever experienced. Pain whelled through him as he was drug into a closet in a home, screaming for the pain to go away. It eventually did and Ian woke up as a vampire. The lady was no where to be found. He bloodthirstily drained some villagers nearby and then escaped the town to wander about. Just one mile south was Seagull's Point, where he discovered two vampires, Grace and Jenna. They became friends but he knew that he didn't belong with them. He has been a lone vampire ever since, traveling North America and hunting anything from humans to buffalo. He returned to see if Grace and Jenna were still there.

Personality Ian is laid back, and relaxed. He doesn't really do well with excitement and action in his life.

Strengths strong, fast runner

Weaknesess he doesn't like staying fifteen forever, seeing as its hard to find a mate and he's pulled over on the road if he tries to drive even though he's pretty tall.

Ability none

Bonded Partner none yet

Coven loner



and so the lion fell in love with the lamb-Twilight <3


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--:~: IAN :~:--
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