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 Erin Gates (finished!)

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PostSubject: Erin Gates (finished!)   Sat Oct 31, 2009 11:21 am

Name: Erin Kennedy Gates

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Human Description: Erin has dark brown, almost black hair that is usually kept pulled back. She is slim yet fit and about 5'6. Has pretty dark brown eyes that seem to lighten or darken with her mood.

Wolf Description: Dark brown/black fur, brown eyes.

History: Ever since she was young enough to understand that her mother and father had the most loving and beautiful marriage around, Erin had beeen curious to how they met. When asked, the would both smile with a twinkle in their eyes and reply, "It was just fate," and change the subject. Their daughter was never quite sure what they meant by that, but she accepted it. However, throughout the years she learned that her mother had a previous marriage that was almost never mentioned. At the age of seven, old enough to know something was horribly wrong, but too young for anyone to care to explain what, her mother began to get sick. Despite dreadful begging and pleading from several family members, she refused to see a doctor, and soon later died. After a slow emotional healing process that Erin and her father went through, they moved away from the happy little house that held all her mother's memories, and moved near the ocean.
Soon after, Erin went to live with an uncle, as her dad joined the Navy and was stationed too far to look after her except on monthy visits. It seemed that as soon as Erin got herself settled, her father would get stationed somewhere else and they'd have to move and she'd live with another relative. This process has been repeated several times, much too Erin's dismay. She's never quite understood why her dad practically lives and breathes work, but she suspects it's because she reminds him of her mother, and is scared to revisit those memories. Erin understands and does not blame him for it, and is thankful for the times she does get to see him.
At fourteen Erin moved to Virginia and stayed with a great aunt. She finally lived there long enough to let her mental walls down, make some friends and actually have a serious boyfriend. Finally living somewhere for so long made her realize how easy it had become to hide her emotions, so not to worry her dad or guardian at the time. It was simpler, and they had their own problems to deal with. Her newfound buddies slowly broke this habit. When it seemed things were finally going to be good, her father announced they were moving again, and she was to stay with her older cousin, in a town called Seagull's Point.
Erin comes with a note from her father to her cousin, Nick. It asks to let her stay with him, even though they have lost contact over the years. She's not quite sure what to expect, but she's ready to see what her cousin's been up too since the last time she saw him.

Personality: Erin is smart and pretty, but she's very modest about it. She's normally very cheerful, but if she isn't she'll do almost anything to hide it so she won't worry other people. If someone knows her well however, her eyes might give her away. Despite moving a lot, she has a hard time adapting to big changes, and it will usually take her a while to get herself back on her feet. She's loyal, which can be good or bad depending on the situation.

Strengths: Intelligent, able to hide almost any emotion, pretty fit.

Weaknesess: Guilt trips, swimming, anything chocolate

Imprinted or not; on who: Not

Human Picture:

Wolf Picture:

Other: Her mother was a werewolf, and the gene has been passed to Erin, but she hasn't phased for the first time yet and has no idea.

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Erin Gates (finished!)
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