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 twilight rpg

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PostSubject: twilight rpg   Tue Feb 23, 2010 10:38 pm

the story takes place in Eternal Rose, a small town that smells of flowers in the spring and summer. It sits in Tennessee and is surrounded by woods. It welcomes new comers with a open arms; and has tons of events that happen over the year. The Rose Dance is their most famous one as the town was known for its roses that use to bloom all year round. Their mascot is a wolf with wings. The towns werewolves and the Darkous vampire family get along rather well, cause they made a deal never to eat humans inside the town. They have to go to another town in Tennessee to eat humans. As long as they do, then there is no war. Native tribe attends the same school with the kids in town cause their Reservation school burned down due to a rampaging vampire.

Plot: It is a reverse Edward and Bella. the Darkous family is the cullens in reverse. Half of them drink human and only three drink animals. Selene is the female version of Edward.
the Volturi are at war with the royal Dracul clan, both sides are struggling for control. over the vampire race. Dracul the king and royal of the vampires is pushing for vampires to be out in the open with humans while The volturi are trying to keep their reign and the ways of a vampire a secret. Jane and Alec are working for the Darkous as well as Dracul to try and bring peace to the world by hoping to bring vampires and humans together. their secret deception is protected by Dracul and Selene's powers.

Will the vampires walk with the humans or will the volturi rule over?

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twilight rpg
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