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PostSubject: authonomy.com   Fri Jun 18, 2010 11:14 am

I thought everyone might be interested in this new website I found for writers..
I was looking through Harper Collins.com, looking for the Gone series author and all and happened upon and ad for this site called authonomy.com
I joined it and uploaded my long book.. It's the longest writing I've ever writtin before. I checked it again today to find that I've gotten an enormous amount of comments and "backs". There, you can "back" a book. Which means that you put it on your bookshelf and support it. You can also be on the watchlist for the book to recieve notice when the author posts more of it.
People can either leave you a message or comment on your certain book to contact you.
It's soooo cool!! I just thought I'd share it with everyone because I have a feeling I'll want to write more of my book after reading all of these comments and everything and it might help everyone.
There is a catch- you have to have 10,000 words in your novel for it to be public. Whenever I posted it, I had about 22,000 words already done so it was no big deal for me but if you don't have enough words, then you can keep working at it til you do.
But this could be a big oppertunity for all of us. Harper Collins looks through some of the popular books and sometimes looks at them for publishing. I already looked this up (since my big book is like my baby). You loose no rights in posting your story to authonomy.com (you still have your copyright right thing) and nobody can copy and paste. If they are goign to copy your book, there goign to have a hard time. You submit your book in chapters, each on a word document and then they display them on this word document like a picture... so no one can copy or paste.

ya, so, my user name is J. Carter. I'm not really one to use all of my name so that's my pen name and I'd like to keep it to just J. Carter. (haha sounds so pen-nameish, doesn't it?) haha. But if you do sign up, let me know and I can help you if you need help and become 'friends' with you on thare...


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