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 *New Contest*

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PostSubject: *New Contest*   Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:29 pm

This contest is to see who can draaw the best picture.

-you can draw either a werewolf, vampire, or human or you can draw a logo for the website. (if its really good then we'll make it the logo but you can draw it just for fun.) also for a website button. (just know for the website button or logo, we won't necessasarily use it, that's up to Rose.)
-you may use a referance as long as you don't trace or use anouther person's lineart.
-it can be drawn with anything (as long as you can see it)
-it can either be black and white or in color
-you don't have to do a bg but you can

How to get extra points:
-have a cool bg
-have color (as long as it's not too bright)
-good form

How it works:
A judge (me and mp) will judge the artwork on Febuary 25, 2009. You can submit art before that date and then we'll converse and decide the winner. There will also be a poll for the top 4. (we will narrow down to the top 4 and then let others decide.)

* If you would like to be a judge just pm me or mp*

If you win you can have a choice to have an avater and a sig picture made by me, or your history made by mp (you can tell her the outline to it and she will write it for you).
If you get second place, you can have a sig pic. made by me or your personality by mp. (same thing applies.)
If you get third place, you just get to enjoy that u were in the top 3.

The others can just know that they did good anyway. and remember that we did the judging pretty fairly.

and so the lion fell in love with the lamb-Twilight <3


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*New Contest*
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