I am neither good, nor bad, neither angel nor devil, I am a man, I am a vampire. -Michael Romkey (I, Vampire)
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 Renesmee McKinnik

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PostSubject: Renesmee McKinnik   Tue Feb 03, 2009 5:40 pm

Name Renesmee McKinnik

Gender Female

Appearence Age 18

True Age 2 years

Description Renesmee is absolutely gorgeous, like all vampires. Her bronze ringlets fall just below her shoulders, the bright curls bouncing when she moves. She's slight, but still has the massively in-human strength of all blood-drinkers. Her eyes are now a liquid gold, after deciding to drink animal blood when meeting a strange group of vampires in the town of Forks, Washington.

Vegitarian or Human Drinker Vegetarian

History Renesmee had a fairly decent childhood, though her younger and older brothers liked to tease her. It was never easy being the middle child. One day, her mother was cooking dinner, and Renesmee was sent to fetch her two brothers who were trying to catch salamanders in the nearby woods. The sun was hidden by clouds, like Forks normally was, but other than that, it was a beautiful day. Renesmee had thought she heard footsteps behind her, but ignored them. Big mistake on her part. Suddenly, there was an insanely beautiful man in front of her. She would have capsized right then and there, except for the fact that he was staring at her with some sort of liquid dripping out of his mouth. Renesmee whipped around to run, but she was too slow. She was spirited away to a strange city where her transformation commenced. She found her way back to Forks, where she met a large group of vampires, a significant one being Brad. She never saw him again after that day, but hopes never the less that they will meet up again.

Personality Renesmee is very feisty, her attitude sometimes getting her into conflicts, but her quick wit always gets her out. She does have a sweet disposition, but only towards the people who mean most to her. Seeing as she is a nomad with no bonded partner, Renesmee has lost some of that sweet touch.


Weaknesess Human blood. Being near humans is fine, but if blood is shed she can't help herself. This probably resulted from the fact that when she was young she drank human blood, and the fact that she is only 2 years old.

Ability Immobility (Jane's power)

Bonded Partner

Coven Nomad, looking for a coven.


Other I had a Renesmee character on another Twilight site, with Twi, and she made Brad. I was hoping they could meet up again, be all "Ohmygosh! I can't believe it!" That sort of thing XD
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PostSubject: Re: Renesmee McKinnik   Tue Feb 03, 2009 9:15 pm

If you looked at the posts you wold see that grace likes brad. But approved !!! thx for joining!!!!! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Renesmee McKinnik   Mon Feb 09, 2009 4:08 pm

SPECIAL PLOT NOTICE: Renesmee is actually half-vampire, half-human. Just to let everyone know, this is a ONE TIME thing! Don't go bugging the admins 'cause you wanna do this too. Don't worry, I have permission!
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PostSubject: Re: Renesmee McKinnik   

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Renesmee McKinnik
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