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 Shopping for -cat- (*cough*) food

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Shopping for -cat- (*cough*) food Empty
PostSubject: Shopping for -cat- (*cough*) food   Shopping for -cat- (*cough*) food Icon_minitimeSun Feb 08, 2009 3:47 pm

Jenna strolled through the grocery store, thinking about how stupid she looked. Having never eaten something human-like since she was human, Jenna didn't know her way around here. She really didn't want to bump into Barty, the head grocery store clerk. He was known for giving lectures when you bought your food from anouther store or never came. Jenna heard footsteps on the other side of her aisle. "yer not gonna get de six pack?" asked a country voice. Jenna ducked her head in case he was coming around the corner. She noticed his head through the cracks of the cereal boxes next to the boxes of tissues. She peeked through them, seeing Barty talking to a little old lady.

"No," the gray haired lady answered in a rush. She pushed her rickety cart past him. Barty trotted to catch up. "Why in such a rush ma'm?" he asked his eyebrows wrinkling. "I can't leave my grandkids long. I heard that there was a monster coming. It was last seen in a town near here. That reminds me, I need to stock up on diapers before the monster comes," the lady pushed past Barty and into the section marked 'Babies'. Barty just shook his head, obviously thinking that the lady was going mental.

Jenna giggled behind her palm and then slipped out of Barty's reach, to the pet section. Most grocery stores don't have 'pet' food, but knowing Barty, he probley convinced someone to make one just by giving them one of his long lectures. Looking through the shelves, Jenna found what she was looking for: 6 bottles of specially made for young, thin cats. Luckily, she had once helped Mrs. Smith's cat down from a tree by offering it that milk. Of course Mrs. Smith had not been the one to buy the milk. Jenna grabbed one string of bottles (6 in all) and headed for the check out area.

A sleepy clerk stood at the counter, his eyes half closed. "How did he get you here?" Jenna asked with a laugh. The clerk looked up at her and then his eyes widened. He was about 15 with shaggy blond hair. Jenna smiled looking around to make sure that she hadn't done anything wrong. The clerk checked out her milk and then grinned. Ok-ay, Jenna thought, carrying her groceries to her car. It was going to be a long day...

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Shopping for -cat- (*cough*) food Jennabannercopy
Shopping for -cat- (*cough*) food Teamb

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Shopping for -cat- (*cough*) food
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