I am neither good, nor bad, neither angel nor devil, I am a man, I am a vampire. -Michael Romkey (I, Vampire)
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PostSubject: **Abigail**   Wed Mar 18, 2009 6:24 pm

Name Abigail Leanne Jacobs

Gender Female

Appearence Age 16

True Age 38

Description Wavy strawberry blonde hair, burgundy/red eyes, pale skin, slender

Vegitarian or Human Drinker Human Drinker

History Abigail was born in the city. She was an only child, and her parents were usually caring. Several times though, she would lie awake at night listening to them fight about money, or the house, or their daughter. The next day they would act like nothing had happened. She wouldn't admit this to her mom, but her father hit her often. This caused her to be angry and bitter. One night, while her parents were fighting, she went out of the house. She was planning on going to the local park, but walking across the street she was hit by a car. Before she had time to move, a man had rushed forward. The last human memory she has is of the young man bending over her, his velvet hands holding her down, glaring at her with his charcoal black eyes.

When Abigail woke, the man explained what she was. A vampire. He apologized many times, telling her that he just could not resist her shed blood, but was able to stop before he killed her. Her throat burned with pain, and he said the only way to quench her thirst was to drink human blood. She stayed with him for 22 years, learning to control her thirst more and more, finally being able to only attack a human when she had planned. They moved often so as not to become suspicious. Then the man met another female vampire, and they fell in love. Abigail left the happy pair, realizing now the man would no longer want her there.

Personality Fierce, sarcastic, determined, clever, but able to show a softer side if you get to know her.

Strengths Running

Weaknesess Quickly becomes angry

Ability None

Bonded Partner None

Coven None


(Thank you Jenna for the pic)

Other In her mind, the only way to survive is to drink human blood. She does not know that vampires can satisfy their thirst by drinking animal blood

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PostSubject: Re: **Abigail**   Wed Mar 18, 2009 6:53 pm

approved! Smile good char...

and so the lion fell in love with the lamb-Twilight <3


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