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 Derek Hanson

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PostSubject: Derek Hanson   Fri May 29, 2009 6:09 pm

Name Derek Hanson

Gender male

Eyes brown with a hint of green

Hair dirty blonde

Skin very tan

Age 16

Personality Derek is a very sporty kind of guy. He likes to hang out with friends and go to parties. He's good with crowds and then also is okey just talking to a few people. It makes him feel more confident the more he excercises and so is seen in the gym a lot. Besides doing sports, his other interests are girls, parties, and his corgi, Lizzi.

HistoryBefore his family moved here, he played third base in baseball and quarterback in football, playing for the Wagner falcons. His dad is a big sports fan and so has always encouraged him to do more and more sports as he got older. He lived in Staten Island, New York for almost all of his life. His mom, Heather, worked as a business women and she traveled a lot. One day, Heather came home from an exhausting day at work, mumbling about quitting her job. A few weeks later, they were moving to Seagull's Point. His dad didn't mind at all because fishing was his favorite thing to do. Derek complained to his mother about moving but she just responded by telling him that his opinion didn't matter and that they were gettting a fresh start. Derek said goodbye to his girlfriend, Shelby, painfully agreeing with her that they should see other people. His best friend since he was five, Sheldon, surprized him with a going away party that his mom wasn't too happy about since it was the day before they were to leave.

Likes girls who are outgoing and supportive. football, baseball, surfing, and basketball. dogs

Dislikes reading a lot in class, moving, cats, and homework



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PostSubject: Re: Derek Hanson   Fri May 29, 2009 6:19 pm

Accepted.............sheldon lol!


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Derek Hanson
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