I am neither good, nor bad, neither angel nor devil, I am a man, I am a vampire. -Michael Romkey (I, Vampire)
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PostSubject: Venting...   Sun Aug 02, 2009 8:08 pm

(Been wanting to come here for a while xD If we had one of these where I lived I'd be here all the time, lul)

The apartments? No. Too many memories lost and dulled by pain and betrayl. The beach? Even worse. That's where everything started. Movies? Matt would be there, and he'd want to know. There are also memories that reside there, in the busy halls of the cenima, that threaten the vampire. So many happy memories corrupted with the knowledge of what she had done. What she did behind his back and left him in the dark about all of it. Her. The word seethed in his mind, searing a dark hole into his very being.

How could she? he snarled mentally, parallel parking on the side of the road next to Borders.

Locking his car by the small remote on his keys, he stuffed them into his front pocket and entered the building. He must have looked furious, because the lady who apparently was supposed to greet newcomers took a step forward, then backed off as soon as she saw him.

Why would she?

He'd given her everything he could. He'd handed over his heart to her, and she smashed it right in front of his eyes. He had been falling in love with her, and she took advantage of him and ripped him straight through the middle.

Was I not enough for her?

Finding an epty aisle of books to confide in, he searched for something he may be able to read to keep his mind off of things. But how could he, when his heart was no longer there? He gritted his teeth and forced himself to find something to read. Selecting a random book from the shelf, he made his way to an empty fireplace and sat in one of the huge arm chairs that sat in a semi-circle around the crackling fire. A coffee table sat in the middle, complete with coasters and a few discarded books in the center. A window was plastered in the wall right beside the huge fire place, allowing dim sunlight to filter through and combine with the flickering light of the orange fire.

Did she not feel the same?

What kind of question was that? Of course she did. It was the most obvious thing ever since they'd gone to the movies together. She'd loved him. And, according to her last words, she still did. He scoffed mentally and sat back in the chair, opening the book to the first page.


There was that word again. His grip on the book tightened. He could easily have crushed the small thing, so instead of having to pay for it later he decided to set it down on the coffee table, unread. Why? That word. That single word expressed so many more questions and answeres in words he'd never be able to speak. That one word, for him, held so much power. And he'd had to say it two times today, to the girl who crushed his heart.

Sighing, Brad's golden eyes stared blankly at the flickering fire in front of him, watching as the wooden logs inside were engulfed and burned to ash. The sight somehow calmed him, at least enough to think rationally instead of storming about how wrong he thought this whole mess was. Frankly, he didn't think there was ever going to be a relationship between them now. If he couldn't trust her, he should move on. Though, with Matt and Jenna tying him to the two, he wouldn't be able to stay away for long. Maybe that was a good thing. Maybe it was a horrible thing. Right now he just didn't know.

Forcing himself to replay the nasty scene in the woods, he focused more on how she looked rather than her words. What she told him was the truth; and she hadn't left anything off. Her mind held no more secrets, and neither did Loren's. That at least deserved something. Her face... When she told him everything, her face had reflected what her mind was going through. Absolute termoil and saddness, both at what she had done and at how he reacted to her.

Shifting his weight in the chair, he attempted to see it from her side of view. She seemed like she wanted nothing more to do with his rival, and vice versa. His right hand formed into a fist while he rested his head on his left, forefinger and thumb extended to cradle his chin as his eyes continued to stare into the flames before him. He was vaguely aware of a few people around him, some joining his empty circle of chairs to read. One was a young teenage female. A brave one she was, because she made it obvious that she liked him. His golden eyes flicked to her's for a fraction of a second, then returned to where they were before. The girl flinched at the raw emotion behind those eyes, and immediately got up to leave.

Perhaps she truly was done with Loren. It was obvious that he had no further interest in her. He gritted his teeth. Grace was simply a tool. Loren used her to gfet to him; something that he couldn't have done without her. But that didn't change the fact of what she had done. Inhaling a huge breath of air, he exhaled slowly, drawing it out in a long sigh as his eyes adjusted to his surroundings. He checked his watch; he'd been sitting motionless for thirty minutes. Glancing to his left, he met the eyes of two of the employees, obviously wondering if he was okay. He shrugged, and they nodded slightly and hurried off again. He sat there for a moment longer, then got to his feet and headed for the exit.


Woot! <(")>
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