I am neither good, nor bad, neither angel nor devil, I am a man, I am a vampire. -Michael Romkey (I, Vampire)
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 Suhkur-Asini Coven

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PostSubject: Suhkur-Asini Coven   Mon Sep 14, 2009 6:36 pm

Name Danielle Suhkur-Asini


Appearence Age 23

True Age 48 3/4

Description Danielle is a classic example of a beautiful modern young woman. She is of high average height, curvy, and gorgeous. She is outstandishly unique in her clothing and actions. She shows no attempt to blend into the world besides not attacking everybody in sight.

Vegitarian or Human Drinker Human Drinker, baby.

History Danielle was born and raised in Latvia where she modelled for a fashion company that hoped to become big in places such as America. She was turned at the age of 23, ruining her career, when a strange vampire changed her for selfish purposes. She was attacked and sexually abused before being bitten and abandoned. Another vampire, her current partner rescued her and helped her through the transformation. He tracked down the culprit vampire and killed him. Danielle feels eternally grateful for the man's vengeane on her attacker and has devoted herself to him for the rest of her life. She loathes everyone, but him because of what was done to her. Since that time, they've travelled the world together, wreaking havoc and slipping away just before they are caught. They don't normally hang around one place for very long.

Personality Danielle is vibrantly cruel in most everything she does. Revenge on the world is her goal. She will kill anyone in her path or, heck, anyone on a path adjacent to hers if it suits her desire at the time. She is sickeningly devoted to her partner, Gavin, and will do anything for him. He is the only person she is dependant on. Everyon else is disposable. And dispose of them she will. Sarcasm fits her like a glove and Danielle never lets an opportunity for a snide remark go by. Her sense of humor drips cold blooded evil no matter how you slice it.

Strengths Her single minded life goal holds her tight on a path where blackmail and threats will not work. Death doesn't matter so much to her as how many people she takes down with her. She thinks resourcefully and quickly even for a vampire. Danielle also has amazing tracking skills.

Weaknesses Gavin. The only thing in the world which will cause her mind to stray is Gavin. He is her distraction and her weak point. It may be her only known weak point, but its a big one. It's hard to keep the item your world revolves around a secret.

Ability Danielle can cause people to feel strong violent or passionate emotiions, but mainly only ones that she is feeling herself. Rage, desire, revenge, and lonliness are some of her favorites.

Bonded Partner Gavin Suhkur-Asini

Coven Suhkur-Asini


Other Their Coven name is also their surname which was created and added by them as a personal touch. In their native languages, the name loosly means Sugar Blood.

Name Gavin Suhkur-Asini

Gender male

Appearence Age 24

True Age 96

Description Tagged at 6'2", and boasting a muscular profile, Gavin Suhkur-Asini holds an intimidating stature. His dark hair shadows his face and his deepset eyes enhance his vampire look wonderfully. His modern, but oddly formal wardrobe sets him as an impressive guy.

Vegitarian or Human Drinker Human Drinker

History Gavin spent most of his human life in Estonia (near Latvia), wanting to be an artist, but was rejected from art school because of his new ways of thinking. Individuality was frowned upon where he studied and as such, they had no place for him. Gavin deserted his childhood dreams and fled to Germany having been exiled from his hometown. He joined up for the Nazi army at the age of 20. As he warred and fought alongside the other soldiers, he had no regrets unlike the other soldiers. He did not repect or admire Hitler more than any other man, but he fought bravely and faithfully for his own gain. Wounded one day after a harsh battle. A vampire stalked the nearly deserted battlefield, drinking the blood of the dying soldiers. The vampire bit Gavin, but was shot at by a soldier returning to the battlefield. The bullet glanced off the vampire's chest, but it fled all the same. Gavin was not found, and changed all by himself on the bloody war stricken field.

When he emerged, fully vampire, he turned upon his former fellow soldiers and attacked, the bloodlust controlling him. Officials managed to subdue him only because Gavin allowed them too. He desired to live no more. But they could not kill him. Astounded, the officials threw him in a concentration camp of Jews and other undesirables. Gavin slaughtered them all. The German officials were amazed and exicted. A cheap way to perform their deed. Gavin continued this for a long time until World War II was over. He escaped and fled again to Latvia, with the intention of returning to Estonia, but along the way he found Danielle. he rescued her and has been with her ever since.

Personality Gavin is a self sufficient man. He has a short temper and does not hesitate to kill. Humor does not interest him, not does distracting chatter. he gets to the point quickly and without hastle. Living only to terrorize the vulnerable, he waits not so patiently for an opportunity to find a purpose. Until then, he will kill.

Strengths Gavin's physical strangth has been honed past even the average vampire strength. His mental capabilities astound those who live long enough around them to notice. He is like a calculator, even his eyes look like they are analyzing your every move.

Weaknesess His weakness is his confidence. His war experiences shook him to the core and the only outlet he has found is killing. SO kill he does. Question his morals or his past and he will hesitate.

Ability Gavin can secrete invisible gaseous neurotoxins into the people he touches. The toxins cause them to go unconsious or numb. In effect it subdues them and paralyzes their nervous system temporarily while stiffening muscles and slowing the respiratory system.

Bonded Partner Danielle Suhkur-Asini

Coven Suhkur Asini


OtherTheir Coven name is also their surname which was created and added by them as a personal touch. In their native languages, the name loosly means Sugar Blood.
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Suhkur-Asini Coven
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