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 Amber Isaccs

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PostSubject: Amber Isaccs   Thu Sep 17, 2009 5:23 pm

NameAmber Isaccs


Eyes Dark blue, with a couple light blue flecks. The color of the sea.

HairLong and dark. Naturally wavy but she loves to straighten it to silky, black perfection. Reaches to just past her shoulders.

Skin A creamy, light brown. Sort of a Cappachino color.


PersonalityVery hyper and somewhat random. Her friends love her because they can never get bored of. Has her moments of being funny, but normally isn't the best at clever comebacks. She's sort of sensitive but tries her best to keep her feelings together. When angry, she can barely get a full word out without screaming her head off. She loves to listen to her friends when they have problems, and try to help them as much as she can.

HistoryAmber was born July 7th 1995, on warm sunny day in Nevada. Her childhood was great. SHe had tones of friends and even a cute baby brother. But, around the time she turned seven, her parents announced that they were to move in less than a month.
Amber's mother's father had fallen ill and they were moving to take care of him. Her grandfather, ironically enough, lived in the wetest, coldest, darkest places in the U.S.A, Seagull Point, New York. She was nothing less than furious at having to leave her hometown. But, in the end, even as a kid, she could tell her mother was sad and eventually gave in.
The trip was easy enough. Having already said goodbye to her friends, Amber and her family flew north and entered there new home.
Their Amber was introduced to a whole new life. Everything was constantly dripping with moisture, moss, or browness. The first day there, of course she hated the drastic change in weather, but there were other much stranger things than the climate. Her grandfather lived, like any old Native American descendant, in sort of a camp. Strange people walked around, especially the boys. There was something about them that just made her want to run to her father. One day while her parents were out, her grandfather called to her from his bedroom.
Amber peeked around the corner and saw how pale and sick her grandfather looked. And yet he looked very strong, like he needed something to say. With small steps she walked across the room and gently crawled onto his bed.
" My dear, I know your are young still but you need to know this. Your parents don't want you aware of what you'll one day become, but to do that would be nothing less than cruel," Her grandfather choked out, ending with a cough. " You come from a long line of very powerful beings. I was not lucky enough to be picked to hold this beautiful act of nature, but I can tell you have been chosen. You are a child of the night, Amber. You might know them crudely by the name of werewolf," Her grandfather ended.
Ambers small eyes grew wide and her breathing accelerated. She was reallly a werewolf?
" What have you done," A voice came from the door. Her mother stood a pained expression splashed across her face.
From that day on Amber has know she was more special than most kids. She understood why the boys around the reservation looked so different. They were like her. And now she waits until she can join them.

Likes Ice cream, reading, writing, and talking.

DislikesSpiders, math, and early mornings



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PostSubject: Re: Amber Isaccs   Fri Sep 18, 2009 12:00 pm

aww she looks nice
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Amber Isaccs
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