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 Dragomir past!!!

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Dragomir past

What happened to the others

By: Darkestic

((I got bored and figured it might be fun to do. so don't kill me please if I screwed up on a few things. I have never written in this style before.))


Life is sometimes cruel; it always was for me as a child. Being a princess in my father’s imperial palace was something I did not like for I am a prisoner. Though I love my family and understand why father wants me around, I hate being used. Like the way I have to be by his side whenever a new guest comes so I can tell him if they are good or bad; that is my gift. Able to feel somewhat of what someone is thinking. Sad isn’t it, how my father uses me like this while my brothers just sit there as my mother and baby sister walk with the concubines. My brothers they both had different mothers, and me and my baby sister had the same. We were from the main wife and my brothers were from concubines. Sad how a woman doesn’t have a say, but I keep my mouth shut. Shut for all eternity as I am forced to sing to entertain my family with my angelic voice and point out right from wrong. It’s wrong it’s wrong of them to do this to me; but I smile. Smile like there is nothing wrong, that is the way of the Japanese princess whom is to marry the top admiral of my father’s army when I turn seventeen. I’m ten right now, and wait…who is that.
In the throne room that is covered in silk and statues, the ground a masterpiece of work; a man whom looked like a master piece himself. Tall and blonde; eyes a bright golden color that seemed red behind them. Like they are not real. The feeling is good coming from him; but yet I can’t stare away. My perfect shade of blue eyes would make anyone stop in their tracks and get noticed by anyone. It is abnormal for someone in my country to have bright blue eyes like mine. They almost glow. But anyway, back to the man. He seemed to be in his thirties and clean shaved as though he respected my father. A western suit from England I believe, I heard about it from one of my brother’s teachers when I snuck in to listen and learn. His hair is long and blonde; it did not stop flowing back. I never knew why, but his skin is paler than normal. It is odd, odd for me to be staring at a man it made my brothers think I was falling for the man. I could tell by the looks on their faces.
“Emperor Inakamashi.” The man said with a knell as how bows his head. My father staring at the man calm look on his face as I watch the English man. Both my brothers were dressed in fine silk kimonos as was my father but my father’s is gold. Back to the man, he had done the knell and bow so gracefully that it amazed even me. “My name is Lord Derik Dragomir. I hail from England sir.” The man said as his voice sounded almost sweeter than mine. He spoke Japanese like he was born one. My black hair put up in a elegant style, even with that stuff in my hair something made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. “I wish you luck in the coming years.”
I snapped out of it when my father spoke. “What business do you have here?” He asked with a stern face. He looks at me with his grey eyes and I knew he wanted the answer. “Daughter, tell me. What do you think of this man?”
“My lord. I am just here to teach English to your sons and other children. If your sons and daughters learn it, then if a king or someone from another country can no fool you.” Derik explained with his head raised just a little. This puzzled me, why would a man want to teach a woman. It was unheard of here unless the man wanted something. “Why do you need your daughter’s guidance my lord?”
I rose my head up after listening to his words. Doing as my father told me, and always told me to do. “He is good father. Not a bad thought in his mind or anywhere.” My voice was heard throughout the room as the guards stare at me as much as my brothers did. “Father, would it be good for me to learn English since my may be advising my brothers as well some day? This way I may learn what other languages mean in their minds?” I saw Derik’s eyes widened when he heard me speak as though I was a male son of my father.
“Do not speak child unless I tell you or ask.” The Emperor asks. “Now be gone with you.” He waves his hand and I left without question. Wishing that for once my father would show that he cared about me.

After that meeting, I saw the man named Derik in the garden sitting on a large rock that was there reading a book. Me wearing a long white kimono with a black obi, I carefully walked over to him as my mother and the concubines were busy bathing my brothers. Walking up to the man I bowed my head in respect cause my father allowed the man to stay.
“Good afternoon sir.” I said as snow began to fall. It is winter, and I am amazed now to see the man without a heavy coat. Like he isn’t cold, snowflakes fall as I look at him, his brown eyes not leaving the book. “I see you are busy…” His mind was odd to sense fully. Made me worry a little.
The blonde headed man looked up from the book and stared at me curiously. “What is your name princess?” I could tell he is staring at my odd blue eyes for a Japanese child.
“Princess Akarichiyo Koi, Lord Derik.” I bow my head once more in respect. “I am sorry to bother yo.” Pausing when he closed his book and stood up, I could sense his curiosity in his mind. Looking up, I felt like he wanted to speak to me. “Do you need a blanket, my lord?”
Leaning his head down to my level, his honey brown eyes stare at my blue eyes. “What odd blue eyes for a child coming from grey eyed and green eyes?” My eyes must have appeared wide because I was shocked that he looked into my profile that my mother must have given him. “They look like they could glow.” His hand felt cold on my face as I saw a guard watching from the boardwalk in case the man tried anything. His hands felt colder than snow, than the idea. It made me want to stand up straight but I didn’t move. “Not even those of Holland have eyes like yours. I look forward to teaching the daughter with psychic abilities.”
The man released my face and smiles at him; I could see a sharp tooth in his mouth. He walks by me, and his mind made me think he worried about me seeing that tooth. But yet here I stood not worried at all. Being only ten, I am rather smart for a woman since I can feel people’s minds and I listen in on conversations. Heading to my room, I sat in my doorway leading outside while a male servant a new one came into my room to make a fire. But what I felt from his mind was different; remaining still I hoped his mind changed. But it did not; the feeling of him getting a kick of killing me or raping me a ten year old child of the Emperor. Though I could feel that he knew nothing about my mind ability; I stood up slowly to appear to be heading outside. It is nightfall now and servants that are male shouldn’t even be in this side of the castle, let alone in my room. In a mere moment I was walking towards the door to the hall to talk to a guard. But then the man that is tall, old, and fat grabbed me from behind. Covering my mouth so I couldn’t scream. But my mind, I screamed so loud that I swore anyone listening could hear it.
“Nice try.” He grinned as I began to cry in fear. I bit his hand. And he moved it away. I had a sharp bite for a female, and I was going to use that to my advantage. “No you.”
“Guards!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.
As the guards opened the door, I sensed Derik in the room. He grabbed the old man by the throat tightly and didn’t let go. My eyes opened wide as the guards took the old man from Derik; I was confused to how this English man had gotten in the room before the guards. The pale skinned man helped me stand; I didn’t even notice I was shaking. He ran his fingers over my hair calming me as I was terrified, he held me to his side while still running his fingers through my black hair that had come undone during the attack apparently. A guard came in and looked at us. That had already happened to me before once, where I was helpless and I had lost the flower most men would probably want when I was older. Having the nightmare happen again, was something I did not want. And thanks to Derik, I didn’t.
“Princess?” The guard said worried.
“I will take care of her. I use to have a daughter.” Derik explained. “She just needs to calm down.”

Chapter 1

From that day, I have been following Derik. He teaches me English and tells me about the outside world. Making me feel better when my father shot me down by making me feel worse. It is odd how a man not from this country can feel like a father to me as I study under his watch with my brothers. His English lessons is the only lesson I’m allowed to take my father says; but Derik secretly teaches me in our private sessions since I have to know in the future advisement of my brothers which ever became Emperor.
Winter came and went like spring, summer, and fall. Years went by and the man stayed teaching us. But as he did, I began to notice how he would disappear for one day a month and come back in new clothing smelling like the dead soldiers that came back from wars. I kept that thought to myself, even though I began to suspect something since I began reading books called I believe “Dra..cula.” Yeah that book, but it was different. The guy could walk in the sun, he can’t touch any silver we gave him though. Now that I am seventeen years old, I am one of the most beautiful people in the kingdom. Flawless features that began to make people question if the Emperor had captured a goddess. My blue eyes still bright and strong as everyone stares more at me than anyone in my family. It made some of my younger siblings freak out, thinking I’m either a goddess or a ghost. My little curves and small figure made man men come near and far asking for my hand in marriage.
Going for a walk on the palace grounds, Derik joined me as I walked. He had not aged since that day he came. Made me wonder if he is a god or maybe an immortal beast. I wear a silky blue kimono with dragons going around the bottom. The train of the dress dragged on the ground. The wooden sandals on my feet, clipped and clopped against the ground. My chest is held in by the wrapping of an adult Japanese woman. Though my father got new wives that are younger than me, my father refused to marry me off since my brothers will need me to advise them.
“What is on your mind Princess?” Derik asks with a smile on his pale perfect face. Many people thought we were intimately involved, but truly all I thought of Derik of is as a father figure. One that would never leave my side for long. “You must tell me. Is it your father or your brothers?”
I paused in mid step, quietly placing my foot down. “No.” I said. “I was just thinking.” Looking up at the sky, I smile as I imagine what it looks like on the outside of the palace. “What is it like out there? Out where people walk where they want?” My question must have shocked him because he looked at me confused. “What?”
“One day you will-”
“What?” A sense of dark minds rushed into my head. Many of them; all coming from over to the east where the hills are said to be. They are coming to kill us, that is the only thing that came to my mind. “I have to speak to my father. Guards!” I yell at the top of my lungs. With that, five young guards ran up to me staring at my eyes entranced as Derik looks at me confused. “Warn the Admiral that there is an army coming from the east. And get my brothers and father to safety.” I commanded. “Now!”
The guards run away, and Derik instantly got worried about my safety. I wondered why; is it true that he may love me in that way, but all feelings I get tell me that he doesn’t that it is a fatherly feeling. I think it is because I remind him of his daughter, he spoke about her a lot. Fire fell from the air and onto the palace. I hiked up my dress and ran into while Derik I don’t know where he went. But I didn’t know this would be the last day of my life alive. Fire surged through the whole building as a rival village attacked the palace; I run to the throne room where my father and brothers were. There I see my brothers and father lying on the ground dead as soldiers of the evil army stare at me. My eyes open wide in terror; I am scared. Scared for my life, scared for the rest of my family, scared for Derik. But when my mother ran in holding my baby sister whom is only two, I stood still.
“Take the princess. Kill the others.” The Admiral said. I couldn’t believe it, it was my father’s own Admiral and I told my father before about this. But I didn’t believe the Admiral’s mind when he said them in it. “We will sacrifice her to the gods.”
I backed away to get my mother and sister out, but two guards behind us stabbed my mother and killed my baby sister. Then by accident, one stabbed me. My screams and cries were nothing as I could not hear them. Blood rushing out of my body through my chest right where my heart was. Falling to the ground, I could see Derik in fast motion going around the room killing all those with blood on them. Taking the Admiral out like he was nothing; the man’s speed was like nothing I have ever seen or heard before.
My world began to go dark, as I stare at Derik rushing to my side. And that is all I remember; for I blacked out after that holding my mother’s necklace and my baby sister’s hand in the same hand. Deeper and deeper into the darkness where no one could find me. All the faces that were my family, and then my body burned like fire it was odd. I could feel. But shouldn’t I be dead. Dead as a person getting their head cut off. Why should I be feeling. A light appeared in front of me; with a voice that was praying that I am alright.
“Please be alright princess.” Derik’s voice. Why is his voice there? I’m so confused. Touching the light it allowed me to leave.

Chapter 2

It was confusing getting use to being a vampire, though I could not drink from a human cause of the horrible images in my head of my dead family. I walk immortality as the daughter of Derik; he even gave me a new name for my new life. I quite like it cause he could actually pronounce it. But none the less, I found animals outside of England in which we now lived in; I drank from them. Though I hated it, it wasn’t as bad as killing humans. I am thankful for my new life, and a father that cared about me. It’s true, I am his daughter now. A Dragomir and all the English that I had learned paid off when I had to speak with the people of England. Though my accent is still there, it isn’t bad English.
“Sessi.” My new name being called by my father Derik. I stand there in the street wearing a blue dress made for nobility. My name is odd, but he figured that it is original. “Are you alright?” He appeared next to me with a smile on his face.
“Yes.” I smile. “Sorry. I’m still taking in everything. And learning to walk slow.” I walked next to him matching his steps. “Father, why don’t we travel?”
“Cause I want you to get settled into your abilities child. We can’t just hop onto a ship yet.” He said in his mind, I could read his thoughts. Though all the voices in the area sounded in my head, it still shocked me a little that I could hear thoughts. Thoughts that should not be heard. “Plus. I’m already setting things up in Russia. I’m going to take you to see the Tzar.”
“Tzar?” I had no idea what that was, but I remember Russia in our studies. I think he is a king of Russia, Tzar I believe is another term for king or Emperor. “A king?”
“Yes child.” He smiles at me with a hand on my shoulder. “We don’t have to travel by boat. But we can go by train. Eat animals and humans from other origins.”
“Why do you not eat animals?” I stopped him from continuing his words. I knew what he was thinking, he didn’t know himself; but he is more drawn to them than anyone. “But won’t it get hard when people are hunting us. I mean. We stick out in sunlight and in the night.” Those words left my mouth like a question to him. The people that past by just looked at us with frowns. Our skin made some of the fair women look pathetic compared to me. Though I am of Japan decent, some of the men looked at me like I was the most beautiful woman in the world. “Is Russia cold?”
My father laughs at my curious mind, I got a little upset cause he thought I was being funny. Smiling at my father, I just stood there calmly wondering what we are going to do. What we would do for the rest of the day since the sun might come out soon from behind the clouds. Being a vampire isn’t all it’s glamour and glory like some think; it is horrible since I have to hide from the sun and not get too close to people. Never to find a man that would love and marry me. But my race normally isn’t made for having children. That made me sad to never know the joys of motherhood. But yet, as I walk next to Derik while he bought some stuff for our trip to Russia; I looked at the queen of England’s palace. I have never been inside, and Derik won’t let me go in. So I just smiled and looked at all the pretty buildings and homes. Many men walked right up to my father sometimes and asked if I was available to marry. But Derik just told them no; even to the young ones around what looked like to my human looking age.
It began to rain as Derik brought out his umbrella holding it over the both of us. We go to the carriage that our driver parked near the end of the market. My father helps me in since the step is a little high and in the dress it was murder to step up in. I am still getting use to English dresses and French clothing. Derik knew this and it made him sad to think that he couldn’t get anything from Japan. But he promised in the future that he would buy her oriental clothing. I didn’t care though as long as I was with my father, I am happy. He treated me better than my birth father and family, that is something I wouldn’t give up for anything in the world. I was finally free, I could go out in the world and see it. I get to go to Russia, America, England, Austrailia, Holland, Ireland, Scotland. It was all new to me, and every new world amazed me. Derik climbed into the carriage made of oak, where we were dry. The driver made the horse go forward. A sweet scent caught my sense of smell, looking out the door I see a young man with long greasy combed back brown hair with honey eyes. It smelt like a vampire to me; Derik noticed that my attention was caught as I stared at the teenage man while the carriage was stopped. The man stared at me, with his mind speaking to me.
“What is it princess?” Derik asks. “He is a vampire.”
“What are is she looking at?” The vampire’s voice said in my head. His clothes were of a farm boy. “Why is she staring at me? Does she know?”
I listened even more, but he just stared at me asking questions in his head. “I can hear his thoughts. Who is he?” I pointed at the vampire. But in that moment, a hand grabbed my wet hand at it was sitting out the window. Derik’s eyes went wide and frowned. “Father…” Slowly turning my head, the vampire I was staring at got in the carriage before I could see the door open. “Father.” I repeated.
“Calm down princess. What do you want Mister…”
I heard his name in his mind, and then I sat up making him release my hand. “His name is Childers Benson. He is from the farm outside the west gate.” I spoke the words as his mind thought them. “He is looking for answers.”
“Answers for what?” Derik asks. Derik likes when I let him speak instead of answer questions before he speaks. Makes him feel like he has some control over what is going to be said. “You smell like a newborn Childers Benson. How long have you been a vampire?”
The look on Childer’s face made Derik think he didn’t even know. I read that Childer’s is only a few weeks old and doesn’t know what is happening to him; that he doesn’t know what he is. And when Derik said about being a vampire, Childer’s face just went shocked. His eyes were not golden anymore, but instead just a black color. The bumps and other voices in my head, didn’t bother me that much when I had someone else’s mind to concentrate on.
“A few weeks father. He is a vampire woke up as one. His family was slaughtered, I think.” It reminded me of my own families death when his mind played the images back to me. “Childer Benson, do not be scared.” I spoke in a soft and calm tone, it made anyone listen to me cause of my already angelic voice. His eyes look at mine and I could hear Derik being worried in his mind. “You are a vampire. A few weeks old. Your family was killed by a rogue vampire that your family might have known.” My words entered his mind and became everything he thought of. “I am still learning myself, young one. I am only a two year old vampire.” Before the vampire known as Childer spoke, I spoke first to answer his question about how I knew. “I can read minds.” My face went calm.
With a hand extended from Derik, I saw my father try and comfort the boy. Asking him if he wanted to join them for a while to learn. Since the vampire is not of Derik’s blood, Derik could not sense where he was no matter where they were. But father knew that I would, in the back of his head Derik knew that if Childer’s tried to attack I would be the first to know. The young vampire agreed to my father’s help and the boy came to live with us. But he had to stay away from my room, in fact that was a threat from Derik. He didn’t want the vampire to try and take advantage of me while I slept. Sleep is what everyone needs, vampires need little of it but it makes us feel a little more human.
Our house is large, a nice Victorian house with maids and servants that do not stay for long in certain places. Derik began teaching me as well as the new vampire as we both waiting for our trip to Russia. But what Derik didn’t mention in words, I knew in his mind. It would be about a hundred years before he goes to Russia cause he had a fight with the Tzar last time he went and isn’t welcome by the current one. Though it was a far way off, we still visited other countries with Childer’s following us. He gave himself a new name, but I just called him Child or Benson. Like my new friend, but in his mind he wanted to be more and more when he was with me cause he found me luring. But I didn’t feel the same way, I just pushed him away and didn’t try anything at all. We both dressed in elegant clothing and attended royal parties with Derik; we danced with princes and princesses as well as lords and ladies.

Chapter 3

A hundred years past since that day we met Child; he had grown into a strong vampire going hunting with Derik while I stayed and ate animals. I hated seeing humans die, so I tried to block them out as much as they tried to keep me out. Russia is our target now as we board off the train at the station; a sled arrived in the snow being drawn by a horse that is of the same color. My black hair pulled up into a high bun as I wore a warm dress with a thick coat over it. Father and Child helping me into the sled as they sat on either side of me. Both dressed for the warm weather while we head to the Tzar’s palace. Nicolas is in rule right now with several children in his palace.
One though stuck one once we were brought before the Tzar’s children in the cold palace. The girls mainly had brown hair, but the one that stuck out was the red haired princess Anastasia. A scar on her forehead but beautiful red hair with the most amazing green eyes that made me yearn for my blue ones back. Though she is supposed to be thinking thoughts of learning and Anastasia eyes were only on Derik whom seemed to be looking straight at her as though the two were in love. Seeing this, made me nudge him gently to make him look at Nicolas. A tall dark haired man that showed leadership and royalty all at the same time. His advisor Rasputin seemed cruel and mean in his head as his thoughts poured into mine. Grey hair and old as ever, I am amazed that the king has not sent him away. A hundred years and still humans surprise me.
Our room is nothing more than a little suite; each having our own room connected to the lounge area. Where people would sit and talk; though this interest me, there is something in my head telling me that we should go after a year. But how can I do that when Derik has fallen for the princess of Russia. One of the Tzar’s prized daughters; I myself am quite fond of Anastasia cause she looks out for me treating me like one of her kid sister. Ever since I turned twenty in my vampire years, I had lots of self control since I never touched human blood. Not even once at all as my brother and father have. Her scent smelled good, but I did nothing as she would once in a while pounce on me hugging me. Living in Russia was everything I heard about and more. The beauty of the land and the winter so nice. Reminding me of Japan, but instead it is open and free for people to wander. My fashion changed to Russian nobility clothing. Beautiful dresses that sagged around the forearms.
Spring arrived and the snow was gone as I walked out of our suite before dawn. Anastasia and many people awake waiting for the day to begin. All that is on Anastasia’s mind is Derik and maybe marrying him one day; that is something I looked into. She did not care for his looks or his mysteriousness; but instead she was drawn to his personality. How he spoke, how he taught, how he fathered his children. It all made her want to be part of his family; looking into Derik’s mind though I could tell that he loved her but would not pursue it till she was the right age. He believed marrying a teenage girl and changing her, would cause problems in their future. As I peek through the crack in the door with my honey colored eyes, they see the royal children listening to Derik with admiration. The sons of the Tzar listened as the girls paid attention dreaming of Child and Derik one day next to them as they wore a wedding dress. Here not many found me appealing except for the Tzar’s nephew Kazir whom appeared to be just a few years older than me in human years. But in real life I am the second oldest in the palace. My golden color dress had a train that dragged on the ground as the top wrapped around my body. My hair still up in a bun as I stay away from the sunlight. Closing the door quietly, my heels began walking sensing the minds of people in the halls. And the visit of the Tzar’s nephew which I hate cause he follows me everywhere even off the grounds. Making it hard for me to hunt when he visits unless Child challenges him or Derik claims I’m sick. In which half the time that is true; but after getting some blood in the system everything is back to normal. Finding that I can last longer than my father, but he drinks human blood so he has to in order not to bite his students or maybe kill Anna. That is what I am going to start called Anastasia, Anna. What a beautiful name she has compared to mine.
In no time, the tall dark haired lean built Kazir was in front of me staring down at me with his grey eyes. Dressed in a royal Russia attire, his mind thought about me in a way I wished I had no ability to read minds. Sticking my head up like a snob, I walk away not even acknowledging Kazir as he followed me. Child is around the corner in a English suit like Derik. Black and handsome in it, that is what all the girls around here say. I on the other hand, just think he looks nice in it cause I met him in nasty looking clothing before. Turning the corner, my honey eyes met the black hungry eyes of Child. Him trying to get out of a conversation with Rasputin whom is asking why he doesn’t want to eat cake or any of the foods that the chef made. Linking my arm into his left arm, it made Child confused as my eyes stare at the advisor whom is dressed in dark robes.
“Excuse me. We gentlemen are having a-”
“Sorry sir. But Child doesn’t want to admit he has a stomach problem this morning that made him very sick.” My angelic voice spoke calmly as Kazir stopped behind the adviser annoyed that Child stood there. “Come on big brother. Let’s get you to bed.” I smile.
Escorting Child to the suit saved both of us as if I kept going, I would run into a burst of sunlight through the tall windows near the library. My rear planted itself in the red velvet chair annoyed with all the voices I hear. Child went to his room waiting till nightfall to go eat something in town with Derik. Sitting with a large leather bound book, the fairytales written in Russian fascinated me as I continued. The warm air outside is nothing against the cold skin that held my soul. Lips as red as blood as my honey eyes stared at the book; the room full of items from around the world that Derik had put up. One is from Japan, a scroll of a poem I wrote him inside a led case. Guarding it as though it would kill if someone touched it.
“Sister.” Child said coming out of his room. Turning my head from the book, the question already formed in my head from his brain; but out of kindness I let him speak. “Is it night time yet? There is no window in my room? Please tell it is? I’m so hungry.”
“No. Still day for a couple more hours. Read a book okay.” I smile giving him the book that I had been reading. “I’ll come back for you when it is nighttime.”
“How come you can stand the thirst longer than us?” Child asks me.
“Cause I never touched a human I guess.” Turning away, I head out the room walking back towards Derik’s classroom where his lessons were about to end.
Anna ran out, charging at me holding the front of her white dress a little above her feet so that she doesn’t trip. To humans theses dresses are heavy, so I’m amazed that she could run in the outfit when her mind is telling her to walk. Wrapping her arms around me in a hug, she hugged me as though I was a wall. Cold skin hidden by the long sleeves of the dress that I wore, but her warm skin reminded me of my past. The scent smelled so wonderful to me, but I did not make a move as she released me. Her Russian accent trying to say things in English but I knew much Russian from Derik and being in the palace.
“Are you coming to the party tomorrow? Dance with my cousin. Maybe you will marry my cousin and then Mister Dragomir will never have to leave. Then when I’m-”
“I am never going to marry your cousin. I have turned down every man that asked my father for my hand in marriage. And I am doing it again now.” My voice sounding cold and cruel as it made Anna scared. “But…I am looking forward to seeing you dance with Father if you get a chance.”
The servants in the hall judged me as I spoke ill of the Tzar’s nephew, that I didn’t even care about. Walking forward, Derik met me and Anna with a smile on his face as the princess imagining her own wedding; this crept me out more than anyone will ever know. Sun was down and it was time to retire to our rooms for the night as we said good-bye to Anna. Derik not wanting to leave her, didn’t follow the young princess or even spoke to me with his voice. The mind though, that is something else. All it thought about is Anna, how he loved her and wanted her as his. At the same time he is remembering losing his son, daughter, and wife from his human years. Watching them die as the vampire that was his maker forced him to watch; changing him afterwards. To see all that is his head, and him remembering the same thing happening to me. Made me think more about everything; never judging his intentions. Suddenly though a mind caught my attention; Rasputin the sly devil knew what we were. His images playing through everything he saw.
“Father.” I said as he enters the suite. Closing the door behind me, my father stands before me looking at me with his black eyes. “The adviser knows. He has been studying us. Seeing Child and you come back with blood on your shirt once in a while at night. How we don’t go into the sun. How we close the curtains never being in the sun. Never eating human food.”
“What is he doing now?” Derik asked worried as Child is now outside the room looking worried as he heard what I said. “Princess…”
“He is going to wait till tomorrow. Then have silver purged into your heart and then into mine and Child’s. To make everyone at the party watch.” Walking over I sat in the chair thinking. “We-”
Suddenly plans changed as I tell them to pack everything they can. The guards were coming with spears and guns full of as much silver they could. Though Child and I are not allergic to it; it harms my father more than anything besides fire. Packing my own stuff in a trunk, we all met in the lounging area facing the entrance and the glass doors leading out into the cold night air. Derik didn’t want to leave Anna, but I had no choice or we had no choice but to run.
“In a few years we’ll come back for her. Even if I have to do this alone.” My voice promised. The door got kicked open by the guard as the ran right through the glass not even stopping as our speed carried us off. Me and Child running behind Derik to protect him; in my mind I could see Anna watching us from her window crying about Derik leaving. No fear though about what we are, just sad that we are leaving. That made it clear to the mind, returning is something I will do in a few years. When she is old enough to pass as Derik’s wife in the future instead of daughter. Our feet never stopping at all; not to eat not to rest nothing at all. Running all the way to Greece where Derik’s mountain home is. A farm house mainly like a place with lots of room like usual; but is cared for till he returns by humans.

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Chapter 4

Years pass and we rebuild our lives whiling thinking; Derik’s mind always on Anna. Yes, that woman I have not forgotten. Her age would be right at the moment since when she was sixteen she looked about twenty. Calculating it in my head, the numbers registered how old she would look now at the age of twenty-five. She would look thirty just like Derik is; so as he sulks I leave only saying that I’ll be back in two days. Making Child though stay behind, since normally he accompanies me like a body guard. This time though, it is something I have to do. Not for me, Not for Anna, but for Derik and Anna both. Their love is still there, how it tares my father apart to be away from her. Depressed not really doing anything but eating and sitting on a rock in rain, snow, hail, wind, all of it. As though his life has disappeared and no longer wanted to live. Not even speaking to me or Child since we left mainly; he just sits there on that rock over looking the mountains calling for his Anna. I am too happy to go save Anna from her torment.
With great speed, my feet carry me across vase countries though I doubt I would even make it back in two days by how much I had to cover. It is winter time in Russia, an early snow as I had picked the right time to run to grab Anna. As the word of the Romanov family being forced to flee with a mob after them, reached my mind as I ran. Through cities I only stopped to eat a few animals, leaping from rooftop to rooftop then crossing high grass till I reached the snow. The snow of Russia, how its cold and open place made me want to run faster just to enjoy its freedom. But yet, I had to made a turn away from the palace as a blizzard set in as I near the main city. Crying in my head for Derik echoed loud as my ears heard Anna calling for Derik to save her. For me to come as well and save her; but mainly my father. Wearing a long cotton dress that had long sleeves; I stopped over the hill looking down an a old cottage that Anna’s family owned. It is burning, all the screams echoed in my ears as I ran down finding Anna lying in front of the house almost frozen to death. My black hair down now waving in the wind with pieces of snow sticking to it. Fire is a vampire’s death, so I looked in hearing all the families cries for help like my own family had cried for. Knelling down to Anna, her age matched what I thought but her sadness and tears stared at him with those green eyes that almost appeared to shine to me. That is when I gave her a choice as she was freezing.
“Anna.” My voice sang like an angel to her, as she stares at me with blue lips. “You know what I am. Don’t you?” Anna nods her head while shaking. “I will give you a choice. Do you want to be like me? Be with Derik? Or do you want me to -”
“Derik. I want to be part of your family Sessa.” Anna spoke in Russian to me as though all that English lessons never happened. Sessa is a name she called me cause she could never pronounce my name right. “I want to be like you. I want to be free. I want my Derik.” Her voice stuttering to speak as she looked at him sadly.
“Then as you are changing. I will take you to Derik. He has not moved a muscle since we left. He loves you more than anything. This is going to hurt.” Biting my lip, controlling my urge to drain her from all I have been doing. My teeth sank into her neck, injecting my venom into her system. Releasing my bite, my eyes were black pure black almost. But I did my best to resist the urge as I put Anna on my back like a piggy back ride Derik gave me as a child. “Just hold on. I know it hurts.”
My feet did as they were commanded, and ran faster that before as I didn’t know if Derik would soon change his mind and kill himself. Living my life without my father, the one that gave me hope would be nothing. Child even thought of my father as his father, even though Derik is not his creator. The snow crunched beneath my feet as I ran not stopping at all, not for a bite not for anything. This meant I would have to do serious hunting in the mountains for a few days as I can feel Anna wanting to scream in pain she did her best to hold it in for my sake since her head is right next to my ear. Like before, from rooftop to rooftop from rock to mountains. I ran like crazy till I found the dirt road leading to the house; that is when I couldn’t run anymore. My body had to eat as Anna’s change is about over.
“Child! Father!” My voice yelled at the gate as I walked through almost ready to attack them out of hunger just to get past them. The burning in my throat hurt more than anything. “Get out here.”
In two seconds or less, Derik and Child had come out smelling the scent of a new born vampire. Her skin now pale like ours as her eyes were no longer that glowing green color that I thought was great instead they are black and hungry like mine. She had transformed into a vampire on my back; but the first thing she did when I put her down was hug Derik almost crushing him with all her strength. Child went with Derik to take Anna hunting in town as I went to the mountains not returning for three days snatching up any animal I could find. Staying far away from people as hunters would go into the woods.

Days later, returning home I was greeted with a motherly hug and worry from Anna. Which confused me a little since I am older than her; but she apparently took the parent part of the family more seriously than I thought. Treating Child like her precious son and me her little angel when I use to be Sessa her best friend in the palace. Smiling though, in my head I am glad she took to this role so well. Being with Derik though made her happy as well as him; how it is like a fairytale I read in a book. Though she is a new born, she had to still learn from Derik and Child about things as I do not share the same diet as them. Animals is the way to go for me, not seeing the eyes of the dead as their hunting sometimes haunts my mind. And when my new parents couldn’t keep their hands off of each other, I spent much time far away from the house at times. What they were doing drove my head insane as I could hear and see the images at times. Those days for a few more years, I spent my time with Child.

Chapter 5

Traveling through china to Korea we came across four vampires that were lost and wanting to join a coven. One that allowed their same diet of only eating animals. Kashi, Hiro, Minata, and Tamaki. Each the same age in vampire years but with tragic human lives. All friends in Korea growing up in the same village when a stranger came in taking them from their homes; changing them after murdering their families. Only Minata a female and Hiro a male were siblings in the group; black hair cut short as though locked off before being coming vampires. Their eyes a honey color like mine, as their clothing attire are that of a Englishmen’s style. Tamaki stood in a Chinese coat and long black pants as his short black hair messed all over his head. He is the jokester of the four, becoming fast friends with Child whom spoke Chinese fluently in no time like me. Kashi though is the fighter of the group, his honey eyes look at me as his black hair flowed down his black not even tying it. Wearing a dark grey kimono that seemed to be from Japan.
These four joined us giving us, making the Dragomir family now have eight members. But we walk through the shadows more joined us two more that I made in England. Twin men that appeared over than me in human age, but I saved them from dying of illness. Their eyes now always guarding me as though to one day pay me back. But yet there is something coming that I don’t even think my family will be able to stop as my family was growing too large for some of the vampires covens. As though it is a sin, one planned to take what I loved more than anything in the world. Me with no mate but guarded by vampires what loved me like a sister and mother. My four adopted Korean children each having the powers of the elements guarded me from slayers that came as we have been together for over a hundred years. Child with skills in swordsmanship as my parents were the peaceful voices while Julian and Wesley stood by me like guards. To anyone that met us, I was the center of their affections and their leader it seemed to many. The Dragomir clan started being called a name I didn’t like to hear sometimes cause it mean something worse in the people’s heads. A mind reader that can give orders for destruction or death.

We moved to America in the year 2000, where we lived in Hollywood as my family began making films sort of like mini stories or soap operas. Since we were from all over the place our studio in an old abandoned hotel seemed practical as we continued to live together. Our home in some of the rooms as most of us had pairs except for me and Child. Though people suggested we get together, both of us refused saying it isn’t right to fake love someone in that way. Julian and Wesley going to school on cloudy days made it hard for me to protect them from the world that could kill them.

Chapter 6 - I’ll always protect you

Rain. Rain. Rain. A rainy month it has been since the sun barely showed its light to this city of Hollywood. My siblings away at school as I sit there in the office of the hotel as Derik and Anna were setting up Restaurants around America that they wanted to make. Leaving me there with my children, more like siblings. I love them dearly, not wanting to give anything up for the world. All their minds poured into mine as I sit there in a leather chair surrounded by books and papers. Black hair curled to perfection as my body covered in a sleeveless black dress that made my vampire pale skin stand out. Stepping out of the chair, the halls were empty as the sounds of my shoes touched the ground. But in the distance, the sounds of a piano played down in the great hall where we would host vampire parties that Anna loved to host. The lullaby that sounded from the keys made a soothing sound to all hears that would hear it; only one hand would play that lullaby. Child played for me, his hand gracefully touching the keys as my feet pull me into the party room. His voice so pure and nice; as he sang the lullaby.
“Fate lies away. As the sun will rise.” His golden eyes paused looking at me. “Afternoon dear sister.”
“Afternoon Child.” My voice said as I walk over and look over his shoulders to the new sheets that were writing a song. “Making a new song.”
Winking at me he holds the pencil in his mouth. “Maybe. I want to write one for everyone. But nothing seems to be coming out right.” Child’s voice sighed. With grace, I sat next to him on the stand of the large grand piano we had for many years. “I wish you would become a singer. You love to sing and make up songs.”
“Maybe you will be my pianist.” My voice laughs as he struck a cord, but it didn’t sound right. Sounded like something hitting the string inside the piano. Somehow a secret had been kept from me as my brother smirk appeared on his face. “What did you do?”
“Look inside. I think something might be stuck.” He giggled as my hands lifted up the top door of the black grand piano. Rain hitting the windows like a ping ringing in our ears. Reaching my free hand in, something like a flat velvet texture box hit my hands. “Grab it.” He smiles.
Pulling it out, my mind wondered what it was as Child had figured out a way to confuse me. His mind only wondering if I would like it. But his mind thought about two items, though never showing them. Sitting back down placing the box in one hand, my other hands fingers gently opened it revealing a golden necklace with a star locket on it, and a charm bracelet with only one charm on it that looked like a dragon. Looking at them, my eyes widened as it had taken me by surprise; the star had words inscribed on the inside in English since Child wasn’t very good with Japanese. Holding it in my hands, Child picked it up gently and put it around my neck linking it together.
“It is a promise. It says: To my sister whom we adore. We shall protect thee forever.” Child spoke as though he was making the promise to me in not just the locket but in words. Speechless, why would I need protection when we were free and never really under attack. But did he just say *We* “Do you like it?”
“Thank you big brother.” My body jumped up turning around hugging him. “Can’t wait to get the other charms. I love them.” Fast track mind of mine had figured out what he had meant as his mind showed how everyone in the family had purchased a charm each for my bracelet. All nine of them were going to give me a charm. “But why the promise?” Releasing my grip, my rear planted itself back on the seat of the piano touching the keys as I sat there. “I mean. Is there something coming you blocked out?” The words that came from Child’s mind made me smile.
“The star. Is our promise. Let your cosplaying brother Hiro tell you.” He grins changing the thoughts so that I can not see. I frown at him. “What is wrong now?”
“I think I’ll go see them now.” I danced away from the Piano with the charm bracelet on my wrist. Child laughed at me for acting like a child for once. Grabbing my coat I turned and looked at Child. “Tell who ever calls for me I’m not here.”
“I got to write a song for our next episode. So I’ll see you later.”
Throwing my sleeves through the long black leather trench coat, I put the hood up while walking out the double doors of the hotel that we turned into a giant movie premier place. The school wasn’t too far from where we lived, but my mind knew that Hiro and Tamaki were at the stone library that was being built cause Hiro loved to examine buildings at times. Today Hiro had dressed as a character from death note called “L” which amused me cause he and Minata were always cosplaying and reading comics or watching anime. Tamaki could never get into it, but just laughed when I asked if they were crazy. Walking through the rain, my black high heels broke into a run as I came to the construction area where the library was. Taking the back way, my body leapt over the tall fence revealing myself to the surprise Hiro and Tamaki standing under the plastic cover of what would be the hall of the new library. Hiro smiles at me with his short black hair going everywhere; his arms covered by a white sweater reached out to me as his jeans were a little wet at the bottom. Knowing why he did that, my body landed in his arms giving him a large hug.
“You are too happy at times.” Tamaki laughs as he wore a black suit with a black dress shirt; his dyed brown hair mixed in with his black. Honey eyes looking at me with a smile as his hands sat in his pockets like a cool bad guy. “What have you been doing all-”
“Thank you both!” I cheered showing my bracelet to them as Hiro hugged me from behind with his arms around my waist. I didn’t really care, my emotions and mind were so happy at the moment that my family gave me these presents. Though their minds were wanting to wait till everyone got home, it made me feel bad that I ruined their surprise. “Child can’t help it.”
“Yeah. Child and Derik will give you anything you want. But you never ask.” Tamaki sighs.
“That is because I have everything I want.” My voice lied, I didn’t have everything I wanted. I wanted a mate as well, as Anna and Derik’s was like a fairytale to me. But my heart isn’t going to rush things as she enjoyed having her family more than anything at the moment. “So where are your charms? And what is the reason behind the words on the necklace?”
Being so happy, it took me a moment to calm down as they refused to give it to me till I calmed down. Holding out my wrist with the golden link charm bracelet on it to Tamaki as he wanted to be first to give me mine as Hiro searched his pocket for the one he is going to give me. The new pendant hanging on my charm that Tamaki placed there was a small golden globe with his name written on it in Korean. A smile crossed his face as I turned around to face Hiro whom automatically grabbed my wrist gently. His mind explaining what the promise was, and the reason behind it; though it was better said in voice than in mind. Giving them some free will over what happened or said. The charm though that Hiro placed on my wrist is a golden sword with his name in Korean inscribed on it. Looking at them, I noticed that the dragon had only “Dragomir” on it. Though a smile crossed my face, I waited for hear what Hiro had to say.
“The meaning of the star.” His voice echoed in my ears like a soothing lullaby. “Is because once we were all in the dark. But then you came into our lives guiding us and showing us the way. You are the star that shines bright, giving us love, friendship, hope. A family to those whom are not your children. You are truly an angel amongst demons.” His words touching my heart as much as it did Tamaki’s. Hiro’s mind meaning every word as my other siblings were heading back to the hotel to get ready to go to a club. “For that, we want to protect the one we care for the most. My sword will always be yours. As those whom meet you will fall for your kindness and friendship towards others.”
“Aww…Hiro!” I couldn’t help it, I hugged both him and Tamaki almost crying cause I was actually important in this world. “Thank you guys.”
“Don’t cry.” Hiro and Tamaki laugh. “You still got the others.”

It was true, when we returned to the hotel that was a studio my family except for Anna and Derik greeted me with hugs and charms. Julian one of the twins that I made; long brown hair with blonde in it as he wore of more a biker style clothing. His pendant was a hand balled up into a fist; meaning that his hands will always protect me in combat. Minata was next; her long black hair pulled up in two ponytails as she wore a vampire knight costume today making her look more cartoonie than ever now. Honey eyes look at me as her mate Kashi watched. The charm that Minata placed on my wrist is Japanese symbol for “Rain love” as she told me that the world loves me. This wanted to bring me to tears as Kashi a tall man with pulled back long black hair that made him look powerful; honey eyes that showed the same thing as he looked at me with a smile on his face. Clothed in snug fitting jeans, a white dress shirt, and a jean coat over it. Grabbing my wrist, his pale fingers place a charm on my bracelet in the shape of a skull with diamond eyes that he said meant that who ever harms me shall die. With only two more left, Wesley walked up with his crazy curly hair that I had done. He sat too long in front of me and I had curled his hair; golden eyes looking at me as the young man that looked no older than seventeen or eighteen, he dressed in tight blue jeans and a country western plaid shirt with cowboy boots. Wesley and his twin were two different people, but I didn’t mind. Kept things interesting. The charm that was placed on the bracelet next is a golden cross with angel wings on it. Each one better than the last, but I love each one. They stepped aside as Child walked up to me lifting my wrist gracefully. He had changed, wearing black dress pants with a half opened white shirt as his dark hair flowed down. Connecting a shield to my wrist as his mind told me that no matter what, a brother will always shield his sister. Meaning Child was shielding me forever, like a guard. Looking at all the charms a tear of joy fell from my eyes as my family looks at me with smile on their face. Their minds knowing that I love all the presents.
“Thank you.” Those words escaped my mouth after moments of silence. Wesley and Julian laugh while picking on Minata as Child wiped the tear from my eyes with his thumb. “I can’t thank you all enough. I never thought I was a star to you all. But no words can tell you how much all this means to me.”
“You deserve it Ses.” Kashi told me after hissing at the twins to stop picking on his mate. “My sister and friends would still be lost in the world. If you had not come along.”
“If it wasn’t for you. We would be dead.” The twins smile looking at me happily.
“And if it wasn’t for you. Derik wouldn’t have Anna. And I would be alone in the world with no family.” Child smiled as his eyes look at the entire family that was there.
Hiro hugged me from behind telling me to think of this as my birthday. But this is a birthday that I wanted to forget. One that I thought should have never ended like it did. When Derik and Anna showed up; we all went to the club outside of town where we could dance and play without many people noticing.

Chapter 7 - A night to have fun and terror

My family took to the dance floor as some of the single members of the family took to the dance floor with humans. The veggie vampires in my family didn’t worry me as they have never touched human blood; so like me they have a little control. But it was Wesley and Julian that worried me; Child did not dance but sat with me watching everyone as the music played. A little of everything while humans ran around; though there were a couple members of a vampire family known as the Makrin. A large family like mine but all having mates; they strived for power wherever they go as to make themselves seem like royalty. But me and my family never bowed to them making the Leader Galic want some reason to attack us. Shaking my head from them, my eyes concentrated on my family how they danced with everyone. Then a question popped in Child’s head as he sat there next to me. Holding out his hand, I take it as we go to the dance floor dancing as brother and sister. Reminding us of our times at royal balls and dances in towns we have lived in. Dancing with every member of my family made me smile, as I switched from Child to Hiro and so on. All of them telling me that they love me and care very much for me. All hands touched me except for two; the twins. Child took my hand and danced with me as the music began to play louder. Making many humans rave dance; this caused me trouble.
“Twins…” My mind picked up on pain as all of our noses picked up on human blood; it was the twins. They did something that they should not have done. Making my way through the crowd Hiro followed me as Child and Tamaki gathered the others. Suddenly the crowd began to scream as the Makrin families mind’s stirred. What have they done? What did they…then I saw it when I looked at the twins. Their shirts and faces covered in human blood as two female teenage girls lay on the ground dead as humans were screaming for someone to call the cops. These two were not just humans, but people waiting to be turned into vampires by their vampire lovers. “Hiro. Get everyone out of here.” I told him.
“Do it.” My voice calm and sad from seeing dead bodies. Hiro left making the others leave through the backdoor as they were followed by the Makrin. Grabbing the twins, some humans tried to stop them. “Come on.” I made the twins run through the window getting into Wesley and Julian’s famous blue Cadillac that they loved so much to drive in. But this time I was driving. “What did you two do? Why did you do it? You know what you have done?” My voice asked coldly and sadly.

Reaching the house, Hiro and Derik dragged the twins into the great all where we were not near any windows. No furniture in the room as the walls were a bare ugly wall paper color with beautiful marble floors though. Still covered in blood, the twins looked at all of us as they had put the family in more danger than anyone in the room knew except for me.
“We’re sorry. We couldn’t-”
“You know what you did. You bit humans in public. While the Makrin’s were there. You are covered in human blood. We have to run now.” Anna snapped her fangs at them angrily as she grabbed two tiles from the floor hitting the twins over the head with them causing the marble to beak. “Now everyone pack your…”
“Pack your things. And Run. All of you run while Child, Hiro, and I try and fix the problem with the Makrin.” I told them coldly. “Everything. Get out of town. Call me when you stop.” I couldn’t help but tell them that.
The night of happiness had ended as my birthday so they called it came to a halt. Fear in my families eyes as they were all angry and worried about the safety of our family; but they followed my orders as though I were the leader of this clan. Guess someone had to take control of the situation since everyone’s judgment was clouded. My eyes wanting to cry, they each left the room as Wesley and Julian look at me sadly.
“We are-”
“Go pack. It’s alright. I should have done something.” My voice told them; they left me standing there with Hiro and Child. Both worried and sad about the whole thing; as they all had planned this day for me. And now…this day was ruined. “Let’s go.” I told them.
We leave the hotel to find the Makrin; heading to their old little Victorian house to find that they were not there. The smell of human blood filled our senses as our eyes began to go a little black. There were no minds in the house, but instead I began hearing the screams of our family in my head. Sitting in the mustang, their screams and sight of blood filled my vision.
“GO TO THE HOTEL!!!” I scream.
When I yell, no one doubts me. When I scream is means hurry and get to wherever I say. This time it is the hotel where our family was. Members dragged apart as some were trying to get away. It was the Makrin family; they were slaughtering mine in revenge of what we have done. Minata fell as I watched through her eyes that two of the Makrin family killed her before Derik had killed them forcing the hands of the two’s mates Malic and Trevor a devil of work. Both having blonde hair combed back with the powers to manipulate fire. Kashi fought for his fallen love and his family as my mind was forced to watch. The car ripping down the street like nothing before. Before I knew it, the top floor was on fire of the hotel.

Chapter 8 - Death and good-bye

Running into the hotel, Hiro used his abilities of manipulating water to put out the fire on the top floor as Child stayed close to me trying to find the clan. We ran into Malic whose hands were on fire ready to blast it at us. The screams and cries in my head as Derik tried to get as many people as he could down below to have everyone escape before the police came. Julian and Anna were all he could find.
“I’ll take care of this fool. Go get the others out.” Child told me as he used his abilities to cancel out the one named Malic’s fire abilities. The skill he has never works on me, cause it has to be a physical attack in order for him to block it out. “Now!” He yelled.
With that, I ran down the other hall smelling the blood of Kashi as burning corpse filled my nose. Hiro doing his best to put out the fires; but ending up fighting Trever whom wanted to kill the Korean since they met in the club. Long black hair waving behind me as I turned running to the fifth floor where I found four members of the Makrin family and my youngest brother Wesley whom was kneeled down over the dead bodies of Minata, Kashi, and Tamaki; whom were burning. His best friends and siblings; how the images played in my head made me cry. Reading all the family of the Makrin, they were all a threat to me since all their abilities were physical except for Zia’s whose was a mental death trap. All their gothic like faces stared at me as they reminded me of a vampire version of the Adam’s family a show that Wesley and Julian watched once in a while.
“Wes.” I said sadly.
“He killed my sons Nicolas and Reed’s mates. And they are dead now due to these three burning. Now things will be-”
“I’m sorry. I..” Wesley trailed off sadly.
Wesley looked back at me sadly, as tears poured down his face. Those sad black eyes staring at me, wanting me to do something wanting to not die. This I could not allow to continue; walking over to Wesley the Makrin family watched me as I cry over the dead bodies of my friends. Galic and his wife Contessa watch me like a hawk as I saw a hole in the floor not far from where Wes stood.
“Run.” I told him. He looked at me as I pushed him through the hole into the living room where Derik and Anna grabbed him. “Run!” I yell down to them.
“Sessi!” Derik cried out as Anna pulled him out of the room below us.
Suddenly my body was hit with pain as it flung against the wall by a burst of wind from Leon. Contessa holding out her hands making the air around me turn into ice freezing me where I was. That is when it happened the moment I thought I was going to die. Hiro had killed Trever as Child had escaped Malic; they were running towards me. Knowing where I would be. My voice wanting to tell them to run as Galic shot electricity through my body like a human being electrocuted. This wasn’t a mercy killing, but the whole event was a blood bath. Breaking free as Child burst in using his abilities to cancel out the physical powers; I got out in time before Zia could look into my eyes to cause me nightmares that would end my life. Leaving the dead bodies on the ground; we ran out of the hotel as the others had escaped. They were heading to Alabama, a safe place where they would wait for us.
“The new library!” I yell.
Rushing our feet over the roofs, we ran to the construction area of the old library. It was the only place we could run since they blocked us off in the street. Five Makrin standing against three Dragomir’s. This was a fight that had not good outcomes for my side; though I could not see the future the math wasn’t good. The fight began as I was forced to stand back away from my siblings that fought; telling them how to attack since I could read minds. This came in handy at the moment during battle reminding me of my time in Japan. Leon was killed by Child as Zia learned that making eye contact with someone like Hiro is hard since he was fighting with his eyes closed. He used water as Contessa froze it spearing her own daughter through the heart. Leaving only three against three. The fight wasn’t over as the rain from the weeks have covered the ground. Rushing up towards me, Trever went to kill me but I kicked him right in the head sending him at his father. Electricity surged through my body again as I tried to fight this time since it was three on three. Choosing the wrong person to fight against. All of them hungry for blood just as I was; Child used his abilities to block out all the powers of physical making it a fair fight. I took on Galic whom had no experience in fighting except with his powers.
“You will die child.” Galic told me.
“Not a chance. You will pay for all of their lives!” I scream; charging at him in my dress. Our battle in combat was harder than my normal fights; since his speed and mine were matched. Blow for blow even my mind reading couldn’t keep up with what he was going to do; my body smashed into the stones as Hiro fought with Contessa as Child fought Trever keeping them from using their abilities. Made it a fair fight since him and some of the siblings use to spar all the time in their spare time. Kicking Contessa in the side, Hiro had heard something crack in her. But me, I grabbed onto Galic’s leg as my mind snapped. Tossing him into the wall and then into the ground like a rag doll. Seeing this; Trever came at me planning to kill me with his mother coming to her husband’s aid. Hiro got in front of me like a shield; Child grabbed me as Hiro took the hit.
“Run! Take her out of here!” Those were Hiro’s last words. For me. For me to be safe; for us to run as the Makrin chase us.
“Hiro!” I cried out as Child began to run with me. But I wanted to fight, I tried to make him put me down; but then as he did so I could fight. “We fight. We are Dragomirs!” I told Child.
Child nodded his head as I charged at the Makrin family taking on both Contessa and Trever; years of training in martial arts finally paid off as I totally knocked everyone for a loop. The dead body torn to bits by the vampires, lay on the ground as the fight continued. Taking hits and giving them out; this is a fight that I didn’t want. I hated fighting; but times called for it as my family were dropping like flies. Making our numbers down to six right now instead of ten.
My kick had knocked Contessa into her son as I ripped out her ribs; when I heard the last thing I wanted to hear. The thoughts of death; the last member of my family to die that had not escaped. Child’s cries rang in my head as his mind told me good bye. How he loved being her big brother; and her his adorable little sister that needed guarding. Powers coming back to the Makrin; my voice wanted to cry out. My voice wanted to call out for someone to help. But this time it was just me. In two seconds my mind snapped so bad that even I didn’t want to know what I was going to do. Death had come knocking but this dead was not for me, it was for them. The Makrin family that had took what I love; and I am the grim reaper.

Chapter 9 - mourning and the end

A week past since my family saw me that day; my brothers and parents worried about me and what the outcome of the rest of the family was. They had assumed the worse; planning to have a funeral for all that had fallen that night. In the woods of Alabama surrounded by swamps the Dragomir family what was left of it lived in an old large lake house that Anna was trying to fix up to keep herself from worrying so much. Wesley sitting alone in a dark room crying as Julian sat along the Bayou wishing that none of this had happened. Gravestones were in the trees around them as they had made the burials unique. Keeping silent, my body covered in the blood of the Makrin. A trunk in my hand that contained something for all of them; something to put some of their minds at ease.
“She isn’t coming back. None of them are.” Julian said coldly.
“Hello little brother.” My voice said as I floated on a small boat heading to the house. All my family came out of the house as Julian looked at me in shock. Wesley’s eyes opened wide as Anna’s eyes were filled with tears of joy. “I’m home.” I said jumping off the boat and onto the porch with the trunk still in hand. “Make a bon fire.”
This happy moment, made everyone a little more happy when we started burning the heads of the Makrin; the ones I killed. Trever’s head went in first as Julian threw that in there. Derik threw Contessa’s after Anna swore a few times but Wesley was inside wanting nothing to do with this. His mind stuck on what happened as the murders played in his head over and over again; watching his family die. Throwing the trunk in with Galic’s head Julian and Anna began cursing at the fire making Derik laugh as they felt that their revenge had been met. Walking inside though, I went to the back empty room where Wesley sat in the corner on a small mattress looking at the ground with the lights off. Reminding himself that it is his fault that he should have done more. Though my mind and heart mourned for my family; there were members still left that I had to protect and this time. There will be no holding back. Sitting next to Wesley, I hugged him as he rested his head on my shoulders.
“Let it out.” I told him. “I know.”
“It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have fought with you guys. I should have done more than just fall to my knees. If I would have fought then.”
“You would have been dead and I would be mourning another brother.” I told him making him stop his words. His hug did not hurt me, but I felt it as I let him pour his heart out that ached as much as mine. Looking at my charm bracelet how all the charms meant something. They were all true; every member had protected me as much as they could. “Wes. It’s my fault. I should have told you guys just to run. I should have been there instead of taking our top fighters with me. I failed more than you know. I may have gotten you guys out by distracting the Makrin, but in the end. I wasn’t able to save the others. This is on my head not yours. You did what was right.” My voice tried to comfort him; but nothing seemed to work. Hearing my parents and Julian in the house now they were still mourning the loss of their family.
“I’m so sorry.” Wesley told me sadly. He wanted to do something to make it up. “I promise I’ll never abandon you or the family. I swear to protect them next time there is a fight.” He fell silent as I brushed his curly hair with my fingers; with my back to the wall his head lay on my knee’s looking out the window wishing for everything to go away. “Wish none of that-”
My voice began to hum a sweet lullaby that Child use to play for the family; making everyone came down. The one he first made for the family before he wanted to make a new one. Wesley fell silent as he listened to me hum the lullaby just like everyone else in the house listened. All minds calm and wanting to remember the good times as memories flowed into me of the good days. Our problems were gone, they were all gone as far as I knew; my family was avenged and now I am going to protect my family. In my head though I could hear Derik and Anna deciding something since I was the maker of half the family; they decided to make me leader. It was me that gave them time to escape as I distracted the Makrin family; but my memories still remember the day I received my charms.
After a year, we left heading to another city where I stayed watch over my family as Julian and Wesley attend school doing the best that they can. Though I did not attend, I had things of my own to do since I had to make sure that my family was safe. Remembering how I killed the Makrin elders and the fire male named Trever; but time kept going by and we ended up gaining two new members named Maria and Kelly. My charm bracelet and necklace locked away in the case it was given to me in, normally always in my purse. Reminding me of what I had lost. This is my family; even though sometimes it doesn’t seem perfect. This is my family no matter what.

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Child's song to his sad life with no love


Child's song to Sessi - "I'll always be your shield little sis."


Childer's song to his family - The one he made before he died.

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Dragomir past!!!
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