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 Sunset at the beach

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Sunset at the beach Empty
PostSubject: Sunset at the beach   Sunset at the beach Icon_minitimeFri Sep 25, 2009 4:33 pm

Spiritus walked down the beach, it was near sunset. The waves crashed against her legs as she held on to her shoes. She looked at the sun, moving it's way stealthy behind the clouds and disappeared in the horizon. The sky was painted of many colors unknown, slowly changing as the sun moved. She heard everything, the waves as it moved, the birds as they called and the wind as it blew by her, entangling itself in her hair. She saw everything too, the many colors, the clearness of the ocean, the sand, so perfect and clean

She smiled, the moment was truly only something nature can do. Something that technology cannot make. Even though computers make it look believable, it is nothing compared to the real thing.

She wished she had her parents there to enjoy the moment with, she wished her friend could enjoy the moment. It didn't matter who is was, along as that person was in her heart, as long as that person knew her. She missed the laughter on Christmas mornings, where they would go to the beach early in the morning and not come back until noon. She missed 4th of July, where they would walk down the beach, crowded with so many people as they gather around and watch the fireworks.

She sighed, nothing can bring them back, nothing can change the fact, and nothing can come closer to her heart like they did.
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Sunset at the beach
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