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 Taking a Leave of Absense

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PostSubject: Taking a Leave of Absense   Wed Nov 04, 2009 5:01 pm

I'm going to take a short break from roleplaying. My social life at school and home is becoming imbalenced with my RPG life. I really need the chance to think about some things and to write when i get the spare minutes of the day that on some days don't come. It isn't permenatly effective from this point on but I need some time.

I'm not mad at anyone here, nor upset with the plot(s). It's that at school, all of my friends are becoming more and more used to.. well.. stuff--correction: social stuff. I'm not a very social person in real life unless I'm around people that I know really well. I'm not complaining--I've got really great friends in and out of school but I feel as if everyone's passing me up. I need to catch up. So ya, RPG isn't helping at all so I need some time. If anyone needs to contact me (for any reason at all) then you can either pm me (which will take me a while to check) or use the e-mail under my username. I'll try to check it fairly often.... unless of course, you know me in real life... then you can just talk to me when you see me.

So I bid you well and would like you to refer to Rose for any plot changes or info about what's happening. Everything's already planned out but I'll just read the posts after I can get back.

I would like to say also that I'm not choosing my other friends for any of you, I'm also very busy with fairly important activities that I just can't get around.

Also, all of my characters will be handled by Rose (and she may ask you to play one but yall can just drop any character that's unimportant and I can pick it back up when I get back)

thanks a lot for reading!! ♥️+

Sincerly + lots of Love ♥️,


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Taking a Leave of Absense
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