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 The Fallen . A Warrior RP

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PostSubject: The Fallen . A Warrior RP   Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:15 pm

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[blockquote][blockquote]"Ocean will wash away, Tree will shrivel and die, Breeze will shake with thunder, until only the Mountain stands...four will become one until the battle is won.”

ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan and ShadowClan's lives in the forest and lake are long gone, merely stories whispered amoung elders. In a territory far from the past, four new clans trive under the watch of StarClan, by the same old codes and legacies of those who have pasted before them. OceanClan, TreeClan, BreezeClan and MountainClan have lived in a semi-peaceful forest for seasons, only troubled by lack of prey and border fights.

But something new and fatal is coming, as the words of StarClan ring through each medicine cat's ears. To some, this destruction has already come, as oceanClan flee for their lives into TreeClan territory, their whole territory swallowed by a wave which will eternally strike fear into every cat's heart who saw the tsunami hit. As borders grow tense between MountainClan and BreezeClan, the next cat in the chain is due to receive the same words of warning.

How many will survive this next hit of destruction? Will you stand for your clan, or die in the wake of chaos?

join the battle today![/blockquote][/blockquote]

I am Twitty on there, also known as Moyashi !


Woot! <(")>
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The Fallen . A Warrior RP
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