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 Contest: Vote for your favorite!

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PostSubject: Contest: Vote for your favorite!   Sun Jan 03, 2010 2:30 pm

This contest is due to the idea of Case. She thought it would be fun if we had a contest where we voted for our characters in different categories. Kind of like a Coldbloods Academy Awards Smile For instance, above this topic their will be 10 other topics ( more can be added if anyone comes up with another one ) to represent the Categories.
1. Best Couple
2. Best History
3. Most Personality
4. Favorite Character
5. Best Vampire
6. Best Werewolf
7. Best Human
8. Hottest
9. Funniest

All characters will be able to enter this contest. To be fair, no user can vote for their own character. To vote for a certain character, I'm not going to even bother with a poll; there would be too many options. Instead, all you have to do is post the characters name in the one of the categories. I'm going to trust everyone to be big kids and not get angry if your character is not voted for in a certain category. I will say, though that if a character wins one category then they are will not be able to be voted for again, so think hard about your choice. This way everyone has a fair chance of winning. Well, that's about it. So let the contest begin!!


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Contest: Vote for your favorite!
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