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 Lesley Williams

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PostSubject: Lesley Williams   Tue May 26, 2009 5:08 am

Name Lesley Marie Williams

Gender Female

Eyes Blue

Hair Blonde layered down to the middle of her back

Skin Normally fair, now tan

Age 15

Personality Lesley has always been popular, and loves to be the center of attention. She has a reputation of being snooty, but in highschool, which popular girl doesn't? She is very bubbly and energetic, and loves attending parties. Is a very talented singer. She can be competitive.

History Lesley was born exactly six minutes before her twin sister, Lacey. She has always been called cute by her elders, and as she grew it never wore off. At a young age her family discovered that she has an amazing singing voice, and she has been in choir every single school year.
She has a pretty normal family, two parents and a twin sister. She currently lives with them, and is single, after a recent break-up with a football player.

Likes Singing, swimming, clothes, parties, attention, friends, boys.

Dislikes Stereotypes, geeky boys, eating too much, people that judge quickly, quizzes.

(Thanks Rose for finding a good pic)

Other Twin sister is Lacey Williams.

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Lesley Williams
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