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 Lacey Williams

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PostSubject: Lacey Williams   Tue May 26, 2009 4:50 pm

Name Lacey Williams

Gender femal

Eyes blue

Hair Blonde layered down to the middle of her back

Skin Normally fair, now tan

Age 15

Personality Lacey isn't much differnt from her sister. She's always been popular and has the attitude to prove it. Very clever and fun. Started dancing at a young age and hasn't found any one to best her. But who would?

History Lacey always secretly resented her twin, Lesely, for being born earliest. Even though they were twins there mother would always tell Lesely to look after her younger sister or tell Lacey to obey her older sister. But she will always love her twin no matter what.
Even as young as diapers Lacey and Lesely ruled the playpen. Everyone wanted to have playdates with the popular twins. At four, there mother, a retired French Ballerina herself, stuck her daughter, Lacey, in lessons. It was obvious she had her mothers talent and soon was the best in class. As her looks started to show, people would stop in there tracks just to get another look at her and her sister. Some even asked for autographs, not sure if they were looking at movie stars. Lacey is involved with a very, very cute French foreign exchange student. Involed here meaning dating.

Likes clothes, parties, attention, friends, boys, dancing, and SHOPPING!

Dislikes Math, dorky boys, eating too much, hypocrits


Other twin sister Lesley


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Lacey Williams
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