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 Ciedra Pack (Darkestic DO NOT READ)

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The Reason

The Reason

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PostSubject: Ciedra Pack (Darkestic DO NOT READ)   Fri Sep 25, 2009 7:33 pm

With permission from Rose, I've created a new species, similar to werewolves, but not the same. I will put a description below so everybody is clear.

European Werewolves:
European werewolves have nothing to do with Native American werewolves. They are not the same species, nor did they come about with the same purpose. European werewolves are large wolf-like beasts native to the northern parts of Europe. Few exist and even fewer know of their existance. Any attacked by a Euro-wolf (nickname) either dies before they can tell, is turned into a werewolf(unlikely) or is thought of as crazy. Living in secrecy, Euro-wolves live in packs, preferring forests or other heavily foliaged areas. They are highly territorial and will not stray out of their domain for very long if at all. Because of this, they have not spread across the world as vampires did. It is unsure where Euro-wolves came from, but they date back as far as vampires, if not further. The Ciedra Pack is the first to move to America and it is with a specific purpose that they came.

European werewolves are larger than the average wolf, but vary in size like other creatures. Most are dark gray or black, but rarely a different color can develop. However, Euro-"wolves" are not strictly canine. The joints in their forelegs and the skeletal structure resembles feline as much as canine, but myth thrusts the beasts into the werewolf category. Eurowolves have retractable claws and can climb trees easily unlike wolves. They are terribly strong and fast, enough to rival vampires. Built to combat vampires if encountered, Euro-wolves have the strange power to combat vampire powers, but it takes effort and energy. A sick or nearly dead or tired wolf will not be able to block the werewolf powers very well. Euro-wolves eat what they feel like it, but normally do not attack human for no reason. They re not evil creatures by nature, but they can kill within seconds and often enjoy drinking the blood of a kill before consuming it. Like vampires, Euro-wolves are long lived unless killed by unnatural means.

To become a Euro-wolf, one must be viciously attacked, but strong enough to survive. Euro-wolves have venom in their jaws that runs through their fangs if they choose. If not, they can simply dry bite, like a snake. The venom kills or numbs victims depending on their size and strength to make an easy kill. But if a creature can survive after such an attack, the venom will tranform their cells into those of a Euro-wolf. Euro-wolves can change from their original form to the wolf form at will and painlessly, but it takes time to learn to control at will. Unlike Native American wolves, the transformation does not have a connection to emotion or anger, nor can pack members hear each others thoughts. So far, only humans have been transformed, but there is no rule proclaiming the transformation exclusive to humans, so it is a mystery...

Name Steven Karalis


Age Looks about 17, but is closer to 80.

Human Description A tallish teenager with striking blonde hair. He is not overly lean, but instead has a muscular build. He has dark brown eyes. His clothes usually include a t-shirt and jacket, sometimes his favorite leather jacket and loose fitting jeans.

Wolf Description Dark reddish black, long hair for a wolf. He is a good sized wolf, at least 3 feet tall at the shoulder. His eyes are black as a wolf, but shine red in the dark the same as any other Euro-wolf.

History Steven lived in Norway as a human, in a small town off the rocky western coast. A rogue Euro-wolf attacked him in a last ditch attempt at survival, starving to death. The Euro-wolf died during the brief struggle in which Steven's large pet dog tried to save him. The dog died in the fight along with the Euro-wolf, but Steven survived by a thread. He became a Euro-wolf and fled south and west to Poland where he met Adam and they started a pack together. A run-in with the vampire duo, Gavin and Danielle Sukhur-Asini, the pack has been trailing and hunting the Suhkur's ever since. When the Duo took off for America, the pack abandoned their European home and gave chase.

Personality Steven is a natural leader which is fitting to his last name meaning "king". After defeating Adam in a dominance battle upon their meeting, both took their rightful place in the pack. Steven as alpha, Adam as beta. Because of his alpha stature, his very presence demands obedience from others int he vicinity. He presses his point to the end, but knows better than to insist upon something that he doesn't know to be true. He attempts to use polite requests in the pack and resorts to alpha force only when necessary such as an emergency. He takes offense easily and will hold a grudge, but will not involve others in his schemes unnecessarily. Not a big talker, he prefers to rely on signals and body language. Of the pack, his control is best, both to block vampire powers and to transform at will.

Strengths Strong power to block vampires, good control over wolf transformation. Speed. He doesn't get distracted by emotions when there is a task at hand.

WeaknesessHe would give his life to his pack. As an alpha, he has responsibility to keep the pack safe and protect them with everything he has. Without hesitation, he would die for his pack mates.


NameAdam Cina


Age appears 17, actually 50

Human DescriptionA very tall, thin boy, with uncharacteristic strength for his size. His short hair is purposely disheveled. It shines a rustic shade of red-brown. His fangs are longer than the other Euro-wolves'. He wears sophisticated button up shirts and non-worn jeans or dress pants.

Wolf Description Adam's wolf form is bigger than the others'. As the largest wolf in the pack, he is the main fighter. His last name literally means "fighter". His fur is a pure black with brownish scrub around his ears and muzzle. His fur is scruffy, but not long enough to get in the way.

HistoryAdam does not remember his human life because during the incident that caused his transformation, his head was nearly crushed in. Living just long enough to become a Euro-wolf after the attack, his wolf form was able to repair itself with no permanent damage. His memory loss bothers him especially due to the fact that he suspects he killed his parents in a violent raid on an unsuspecting town. In a range, he'd rampages through the town in wolf form, killing and destroying. He'd seen a couple struggling to get out of a burning building he had caused, but he only watched their demise with cold in his eyes.

When he'd gained more control over his emotions and his wolf, he wandered the countryside, never leaving Poland until he met up with Steven. he challenged the other wolf to a battle of dominance, but lost and submitted to the other wolf. He was not upset by the loss, but relieved that there would be somebody to put him in his place if he strayed. Along the way, he found a mate in another Euro-wolf, but only months later, the Sukur-Asini's destroyed her, killing her before Adam's eyes. In a rage, the Ciedra pack had set itself on a mission to demolish the Suhkurs forever.

PersonalityAdam is a fighter as his name implies. He has a short temper and the least control over his emotions and his wolf form than either of the others in the pack. Rage builds up in him until he must unleash it upon someone or something. Despite this, Steven is his best friend and always puts him back in lione for Adam's own safety. FOrever training his strength, Adam is determined to be at his best for the day they finally catch the Suhkurs.

StrengthsPhysical size and strength. Determination is one of his greatest strengths. he will not give up on a cause and takes pride in not being a quitter.

WeaknessesHis temper is his enemy. He can hardly control it and will lose his sense at the slightest provocation.


NameMegan Rebane


Ageappears 18-19, actually 50-60

Human Description Megan has sark wavy hair down past her shoulders. She is average height with a slim, attractive build. She is usually smiling, unless she is purposely trying not to.

Wolf Description She has jet black fur with no other markings. She is the smallest wolf of the pack mainly because she is female, but is still a respectable size for her gender. She is slim even as a wolf.

History Megan was an average kid fresh into her first year at college in France on an exchange program. originally, she had lived in the U.S. but decided to study abroad. unluckily, she was aatacked by a Euro-wolf student only a few weeks into the school year. She had a strong heart and a strong mind, giving her an advantage over the venom. Her attacker had not been looking to kill and for that she was lucky. He ditched, leaving her to transform by herself. She emerged from the transformation, heartbroken that she had not finished her studies. Angry, she ran from the country where she was intercepted by a pair of Euro-wolves, Steven and Adam. They convinced her that pack life would be better than acting as a lone wolf, so she joined their search for the Suhkurs, though she had no personal agenda against them.

PersonalityMegan is a determined young women with a mind of her own. Nobody insults Megan Rebane and gets away with it. Her last name means Fox (lol, see pic) and she represents it splendidly. A quick talker, she always has a comeback on the edge of her tongue. get in her way and she can destroy you. However, she would prefer to be on good terms with people than to fight them, unlike Adam. She is by no means the peacekeeper of the pack and trouble usually follows her like ducklings after this mother.

Strengthsher mental strength allows her goo dprotection from vampires attacks and she is swift and agile.

WeaknessesEmotionally, she's a bit unstable and can lose control and make poor judgements if extremely bothered. She is also smaller than the others and can be in a bad situation if trapped.

Picture [lol @ Megan Fox)

Finally done. Sorry it's long, it's was less fun typing it than reading it, I promise you. Hope it gets approved on the first try, but I can adjust stuff if needbe. Whatcha think of the Euro-wolves?

(DARKESTIC if you are reading this, you going down, kid.)

(edited by: Jenna. Because: lol just to make the pictures easier to access. Feel free to change it back ^^)
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PostSubject: Re: Ciedra Pack (Darkestic DO NOT READ)   Mon Sep 28, 2009 4:25 pm

APPROVED! fabulous idea PW

and so the lion fell in love with the lamb-Twilight <3


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The Reason

The Reason

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PostSubject: Re: Ciedra Pack (Darkestic DO NOT READ)   Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:15 pm

Thank you Jenna, you're a life saver. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Ciedra Pack (Darkestic DO NOT READ)   

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Ciedra Pack (Darkestic DO NOT READ)
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